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Lucknow is a city like none other. The people who've lived here for all their lives and those who came for a trip and decided to call the city home, will tell you that the love for the city, knows no bounds. And when it rains, the showers make the city seem so much prettier, so much more elegant, so alluring. Who can deny the magic spell that the rains cast over our city and here's 7 reasons why we cannot have enough of monsoon in Lucknow.

Enjoying the cold brought by season's first shower

Lucknow is a city that mostly remains hot. The weather here stays on the warmer side and we crave a little cold. Which is why the first shower of the season is always a welcome relief. We cannot deny the kind of relief and the satisfaction we feel when the temperature takes a dip and we finally get to go out without being scared of getting burnt.

Taking a long drive through Gomti Nagar

Lucknow's beauty and charm has no end to it. Yet, we all have a favourite when it comes to taking a drive and Gomti Nagar and the extension area will have to on top. The wide roads, the peach coloured monuments, the cohesive beauty and all the green that shines through is probably the reason why when we think of taking a long drive Gomti Nagar pops into our minds.

Strolling through the stunning Marine Drive with the special someone

Marine drive is anyway quite amazing to look at and when we speak of marine drive in rain, it becomes a completely different ball game. The beautiful river bank, the carved stone steps, the brick and peach gloss over after being hit by the showers. Taking a stroll along the marine drive holding the hand of that one person and watching the evening fold into night is probably the best feeling ever.

Sipping chai at a random gumti and hogging on pakoras

Lucknow's obsession with tea is nothing unheard of. Lucknow loves its tea and we like it scalding hot, boiled with elaichi or adrak, poured right into our glass by the 'gumti wale bhaiyya'. Let Sharma be and rush over to any crowded gumti and you will have an unforgettable tea experience. Add fresh made crispy pakoras to the whole mix and you get yourself a duo that is more iconic than Sajid Wajid.

Staring at the Lucknow horizon from the top of Bada Imambara

It's seldom that the weather is pleasant enough to allow us to take a trip down old Lucknow and stare longingly at the monuments and all the history they stand for. The rainy season is the perfect time to get your travelling shoes out and getting atop the bada imambara. The view from the top is quite literally breathtaking plus if you are patient enough, you can get a plethora of vibrant and stunning shots that would adorn your instagram.

Relishing ice creams by the Gomti riverfront

Riverfront at Gomti Nagar has been a local favourite since it has been renovated. The greenery and the benches make it seem like we are sitting at a lovely garden by a lake. Well, Gomti isn't a lake but we can still find an excuse to go out with our friends and roam the streets of Lucknow. With the number of ice cream stalls and vendors lined there, we would recommend that you sit near Gomti and chill out with an ice cream.

Finally opening our eyes to the aftermath once monsoon is done with

If Lucknowites love something more than "Ganjing", it'll have to be complaining. We find such joy in the simple task of getting riled up, no-one can take it away from us. Getting scorned about the potholes and the dilapidated drainage system is something we love to do. But let us be clear, only when the monsoon is upon us or it has gone by, leaving the roads broken and the streets flooded with waste water, do we start seeing what could have been done. And by the next monsoon we forget all about it.

What can we say, Lucknow loves monsoon and we don't need a reason to celebrate the rain, yet we cannot stop ourselves from being a tiny bit Lakhnavi and taking the much needed chai ki chuski or strolling along the streets of Hazratganj, because 'arrey mausam toh dekho'.

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