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The Nawabs of Lucknow are long gone but what they’ve left behind in the city is a generous amount of nawabiyat which apparently ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Lucknowites are one of the best kinds of people and mostly, their hearts are at the right places! But then there are those on the streets, who set an example as to what you shouldn’t be doing- spitting through a rolled down window of a speeding car, road rage, wageirah wageirah.

Banking on our amazing observational aptitude, we’ve made a list of 9 kinds of people on the streets of Lucknow and it’s all relatable AF.

Thook dees!

These people have no regard for others and definitely no concern for the cleanliness factor of the city. These imbeciles just spit away to glory through rolled-down windows, while their cars speed away and our shock soon gives way to anger.

Everyone has been a victim so tell us, has it happened with you?

Kyaaaa yaaaar, what is this behaviour?!

Underage drivers & riders!

Here in the city, nobody gives a flying fudge about traffic rules, even if it means risking your life or your child’s! You’ll see plenty of children between the age group of 12-17, driving and riding on the streets on fancy bikes and in cars around the city. We feel like asking these kiddos- Do your parents know? Where’s your license? Why’re you inviting death?

Oh, the reckless audacity! *sighsss*

Traffic signals are for the Aesthetics!

Traffic signals and lights are for the road aesthetics; that’s what some people believe in! We’ve rarely encountered people who actually go by these lights and signs and those who actually do, are left behind looking like damn fools! Traffic rules are meant to be broken and challans are meant to be ignored, eh?

Aise kaise chalega?

The one who’s always on the wrong side

Now these people are of the special kind; absolutely close to our hearts and for all the wrong reasons! They come at you from all the wrong directions possible and then, they have the ultimate guts to tell you to drive or ride properly!

Kaauuun hai yeh log? Kahaaa se aaaate hai?

"Beta. Betaaa. RUKOOO.”

You’ll find these people (mostly aunties) popping out of nowhere in the middle of a busy street, sort of like Jack-in-the-Box, flashing their hands at you as a way to make your speeding vehicle stop!

So apparently gaadi’yan brake se nahi, aunty ke hathon se rukti hai.

Why would anyone do that?! That’s dangerous for both the parties, on the road and behind the wheels, and it just ain’t safe. People gotta wait for the traffic signal but NO, everyone’s so deprived of patience, we sweaaarrr!

Beam. Beam. Beep.

With the power of high-beam, these folks think of themselves as invincible.

We’ve got news folks- this ain’t a video game and there are no cheat codes for you to bring the dead back to life! So go easy on the high-beam and don’t go around blinding people on busy city streets.

Indicators are for a reason!

Indicators are meant to indicate! Period.

There are people on the streets of Lucknow, who simply forget that they do have indicators in their cars and 2-wheelers. These forgetful folks take turns sharper than a beauty blogger’s winged liner, which ends up in brawls and abuses! Sometimes, loss of life too.

“Aise tukur tukur ka dekhat ho?”

These people are of the absolute different kind. They will stare at you, from any hole or space possible and it doesn’t matter who or where you are! Even on the streets, be it an open bus window or from the back of a running car, their stares can make anyone awkward.

Pro-tip: Keep staring back at them and make them awkward instead.

"Bike stand hata lijiye!”

This person is always vigilant about other people on the roads and in a helpful way. They let us know if our stand is down while we’re riding our bikes and this is actually really important.

A shout-out to all those who care selflessly and save lives.

Nawabs chale gaye, nawabiyat chhod gaye.

Know more such people? Tell us in the comments!

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