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Studying in CMS is a journey. Honestly, I know more about it than I care to admit. The school with largest number of students under its wing is also the school that gives us the most pain. From cracking our backs in sun during the parade rehearsals to watching a full length feature film about the genesis of CMS, there are some things that only CMSites can understand.

Saying “Jai Jagat” to every single person

Yes we are teased by these things and we forever would be. Because guess what? We are made to say this thing to every single person. From the aaya didi, the school teachers, the principal and whole Gandhi khaandaan. Jai jagat is our official sign off and that’s how we do it. So Jai Jagat!

The god awful pledge that no one knew except people from other CMS branches

While the rest of the country sang “India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sister”, we were stuck saying the pledge that no-one could decipher. How we were teased by our colleagues for the god awful pledge only we know!

The session by the founder

No matter how loyal of a CMSite you are, no-one can forget the long speeches by Mr. Gandhi. We were subjected to a full length feature film about the genesis of CMS .

The makeshift classroom made from ply and the echoing voices

Everyone knows CMS has a world record when it comes down to the number of people in the campus. And what does CMS do with it small buildings and overcrowded classrooms? They make a new one by simply putting up a wooden-ply wall. A wall so thin you could hear every single word that the teacher says in the next classroom. And the n number of section while other schools made their cut at C or D, CMS went on to E-F-G-H-I-J and believe me they won’t end it here.

Being extra for every single thing (Read: long drawn fates & report card distribution)

CMS has a reputation of dragging things out. Be it a simple report card distribution or a full blown school fete, if you are in CMS you know the preparations start a month earlier. We are known drama queens, guess why! CMS instilled this habit in us to make everything a little more dramatic and heck yeah, we do!

The fake AF Chief Justice Conferences

The MUN or Model United Nation, is supposed to be an activity that that can help students learn about diplomacy, international relations, but it’s a liiiiiiiiittle bit different here in CMS. We don’t give international diplomacy as much importance as we give to acting. Honestly these conferences are more of a glorified acting class and we know we are simply acting because well we get to cut classes! So yay world peace!

Staying overnight at school/going abroad for the Olympiads!

Okay, so this is among the coller things that are associated with being a part of CMS. Students from anywhere else will not understand the heady feeling you get when your team wins a competition and you’re send off to another country. Of course we are all nerds there but honey we are on a frickin’ high only fellow CMSite understand. Those long nights in CMS Gomti Nagar where all your friends huddle up, somehow you sneak in a bottle of alcohol and shiz goes crazy! We live for the stolen moments. And you know, somehow a couple sneaks into a dark corner, is found by teachers doing God knows what and there’s a whole scandal!

Students fainting in the long drawn out assemblies

So other than the dreaded speeches from Mr. Gandhi we also have to bear through the long-long assemblies. I mean sometimes it goes on for hours at end, no-one seems to care about education, and if a students faints, we are simply told to move our toes and carry glucose to school.

The rivalry amongst different branches

Oh we know our branch is better, no matter how far and loud the students of other branch shout we know we are the deal!If our result is not at the top, our co-curriculars are. We knew if some branch scored more marks than ours or if we lost an inter-branch competition our principal would flip. People had no chill when it came down to who is the best and we simply cannot be turned. Though people know Station Road branch is always in shambles and the Gomti Nagar one put on a pedestal, no-one can decide on a best.

No matter how hard we criticize our school and what we say about it, the truth of the matter is, we’re hella proud. The school instilled so many qualities in us, patience being primary, we cannot thank the teachers and the school enough. From the razor sharp focus on good english speaking to making sure that we are all groomed up and proper, we owe CMS a ton.

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