52-year-old Ambica Dalwada Centre is a part of every Amdavadi's rainy day ritual | Here's Why

52-year-old Ambica Dalwada Centre is a part of every Amdavadi's rainy day ritual | Here's Why

Made from moong dal and deep-fried in groundnut oil.

The moment the skies turn cloudy and the first raindrop hits Ahmedabad, the citizens unanimously say: "Let's visit Ambica Dalwada Centre."

This spot has become the ultimate destination for crispy, hot dal vadas paired with a cup of adrak wali chai—a quintessential monsoon experience in Ahmedabad. So, read on to know the story behind this cherished treat at Ambica Dalwada Centre and why it holds such a special place in the hearts of Amdavadis.

A yummy snack for rainy days

Since its humble beginnings in 1972, when it started as a small cart on Commerce College Road, Ambica Dalwada Centre has evolved into a culinary landmark. Now managed by the third generation, the secret to the brand's success lies in its signature Dal Vada. Made from moong dal, sans baking soda and deep-fried in groundnut oil, these Dal Vadas are a tasty snack option, on rainy days.

The popularity of Ambica Dalwada Centre during the monsoon is unparalleled. It’s common to see long lines of customers eagerly waiting to get their hands on these savoury delights. Some opt to buy in bulk to enjoy at home, while others relish the experience of eating them fresh on the spot.

Watching the vadas being prepared right in front of you adds to the appeal. Once fried to perfection, they're served with onions and green chilies, enhancing their already delicious flavour.

Location: Shivam Complex, Commerce College Rd, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad

Timing: 9 AM to 9 PM

P.S.: You can also find Ambica's branches in Satellite, Bodakdev, Gandhinagar, and Science City.

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