A Bibliophile's Paradise: Journeying through Fernandez Bridge Book Market in Ahmedabad
Ravi Panchal

A Bibliophile's Paradise: Journeying through Fernandez Bridge Book Market in Ahmedabad

Step into Fernandez Bridge Book Market in Ahmedabad, where thriving lanes filled with heaps of books invite you to a literary wonderland.

Did you know that Ahmedabad boasts an entire market dedicated to book lovers and students alike? For many of us who grew up in the city, a trip to the Fernandez Bridge Book Market in Ahmedabad has been a cherished experience. For those new here, now is the time to pay the place a visit!

Whether we are on a quest for educational books, or embarking on a treasure hunt for our favorite new novel, this lively and often chaotic market never fails to captivate our hearts.

History of this 'Chopda Bazaar'

Ravi Panchal

Located beneath the historic Fernandez Bridge, this market, also called Chopda Bazaar, has a rich history dating back to the 1890s, when it was built by the British as an extension of Gandhi Road.

While the purpose of Fernandez Bridge was to connect roads, it was the book market that truly put this historic site on the map. Known as "Chopda Bazaar," it stands as one of the oldest book markets in the city. Many of the businesses in the market have around through generations, with some road-side stalls boasting a history of over 100 years. Countless individuals have spent their entire lives as book sellers in this remarkable place.

Another fascinating aspect of this location is its connection to the past. Manek Nadi, a river creek that once flowed through the city, would pass beneath the bridge before drying up. Today, the bridge stands as a testament to the bygone waters that were once part of the landscape.

A unique experience 

Ravi Panchal

To reach the book market, one must descend the stairs from Gandhi Road to Tankshal Road and proceed to the market area.

As you step into the market, prepare to be greeted enthusiastically by the book sellers! Unlike conventional bookshops where you browse through at your leisure, this market offers a unique experience.

Upon your arrival, the book shoppers would approach you, inquiring about your preferences and making persuasive recommendations. However, be assured that your bargaining skills will come in handy if you wish to strike a good deal.

A sea of books, old and new!

Ravi Panchal

Students from schools, colleges, and those preparing for various exams flock to this market in search of educational books, textbooks, stationery, and reference materials. The allure of this market lies in its offering of second-hand books, drawing crowds seeking affordable options. Literary enthusiasts can also discover rare editions and unique collections here. From brand new releases to vintage gems, this market truly has it all. However, you have to invest time and effort to rummage for your literary treasures.

In addition to the vast array of books, the market also has shops specializing in book binding and paper scrap. This adds to the overall charm of Fernandez Bridge Book Market, creating a comprehensive destination for all things related to literature and education.

A visit to Ahmedabad's Fernandez Bridge Book Market is a must for anyone with a love for books. This vibrant market, with its storied past and bustling atmosphere, promises an unforgettable experience beneath the iconic Fernandez Bridge.

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