A night of fiery spectacle: Must-visit Ravan Dahan places in Ahmedabad

A night of fiery spectacle: Must-visit Ravan Dahan places in Ahmedabad

Join the spirit of Dussehra at Ahmedabad's best Ravan Dahan sites!

Ahmedabad truly knows how to celebrate Vijayadashami. The burning of Ravana's statues, dance performances, Ramleela and community gatherings reflect the city's deep-rooted love for its traditions. Each of the places listed here has its unique way of celebrating this grand occasion. If you find yourself in city during this festival, be sure to visit these Ravan Dahan places in Ahmedabad and immerse yourself in the festive spirit.

Hare Krishna Temple

A spectacular event is set to unfold at the Hare Krishna Temple in Bhadaj. This event promises to be a remarkable celebration for devotees and visitors alike. Rama Taraka Homa, Swarna Rathotsava and the captivating Rama-Leela Dance Drama will take center stage.

As the night sky darkens, a breathtaking sight will grace the temple grounds at 7:30 PM – the burning of colossal 60-foot effigies created from firecrackers, an event known as Ravan Dahan. The temple hall will reverberate with the melodious kirtan, and the ceremonious Pallaki Utsava will be celebrated. Don't miss out on the Shayan Aarti

Location: Hare Krishna Mandir, Opposite Ahmedabad Dental College, Near Science City, Bhadaj, Ahmedabad

Khokhara Railway Colony

Khokhara Railway Colony offers a convenient location for both locals and visitors. Organized by the local residents, the Ravan Dahan event here is a heartfelt community gathering. The essence of Vijayadashami is profoundly felt as the community unites to symbolically destroy the statue of Ravana. Remarkably, they are committed to safety and eco-friendliness, ensuring minimal impact on the environment during the celebrations.

Location: Khokhara Railway Colony, Maninagar East, Khokhra, Ahmedabad

Shri Nagarvel Hanuman Mandir

Situated in the historic eastern part of the city, Shri Nagarvel Hanuman Mandir holds a special place in the hearts of many devotees. Beyond the awe-inspiring Ravan Dahan, the temple has been organizing Ramlila, narrating the epic tale of Lord Rama for several years.

Location: Nagarvel Hanuman Temple, Near Satyam Nagar, Industrial Area, Rakhial, Amraiwadi, Ahmedabad

Karnawati Club

Known as one of Ahmedabad's premier clubs, Karnawati Club is a hub for social and cultural gatherings. Each year, the club's grounds come alive with festivities as members join together for Ravan Dahan. This event is a blend of cultural programs, folk dances, and the main spectacle of burning the Ravana statue.

Location: Sarkhej – Gandhinagar Hwy, opp. Shalby Hospital, Spring Valley, Mumatpura, Ahmedabad

Sabarmati Railway Colony

The event at Sabarmati Railway Colony is a testament to the dedication of the Punjabi community. The towering 51-foot Ravana statue is a significant attraction and has been a part of their tradition for over 53 years. Each year, the event garners more viewers, making it a must-visit spot for people of all ages.

Location: Sabarmati Railway Colony, Sabarmati, Ahmedabad

Apart from this, effigies of Ravana will be burnt in Odhav, Vatwa and Bhuvaldi villages along with many other parts of the city.

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