A science-filled adventure awaits you at the fascinating Science City of Ahmedabad

A science-filled adventure awaits you at the fascinating Science City of Ahmedabad

Up for a fun-filled picnic? Head to the Science City of Ahmedabad for a super cool experience merging the wonders of science and the sense of thrill.

Discover the marvels of science at every turn in the thriving Science City of Ahmedabad, where regional science exhibits, cutting-edge museums, and lush parks offer endless opportunities for education and entertainment. Developed to trigger and inculcate curiosity for science in the mind of a common citizen, the Science City is one such place created with the perfect blend of entertainment and experiential knowledge.

Spanning over an area of 107 hectares the place stands in the Sola Gam area of Ahmedabad and features a plethora of super cool sections including science exhibits, labs, working models, interesting activity corners and virtual reality corners and so much more!

A plethora of science gardens and tech galleries

Dedicated to stir up curiosity for science and tech-related concepts, Ahmedabad's science city includes state-of-the-art facilities clubbed with the most advanced grade concepts and utmost creativity so as to lure and fascinate the common folks towards the subject.

The main highlights of the science city include a nature park dotted with fully illustrative sculptures of prehistoric creatures such as mammoth, dinosaurs, sabretooth tiger etc.

The robotic gallery is yet another section of the science city which has been developed recently. The gallery showcases the frontiers of robotic technology through interactive models and also illustrates present-stage developments and the nation's achievements in the domain.

Highly immersive VR zones and IMAX centres

While the awe-inspiring physical structures and exhibits inside the science city perfectly cater to spike-up enthusiasm among the visitors, the virtual reality activity corners and the IMAX 3D centre serve the enthusiasts and the young learners through highly immersive and interactive experiences.

Moreover, the place features a dedicated Space and Astronomy Gallery providing insights about various aspects of our ever-expanding universe. It even features the models of Indian astronauts and provides knowledge about India's contribution towards the field.

With this, the place is blanketed with a multitude of entertainment facilities such as musical fountains, an amphitheater, LED screens and thrilling rides.

Knock Knock

Finally, whether you are a localite or you are in Ahmedabad to explore the most fascinating tourist attractions, the Science City will surely serve you well alongside quenching your thirst for some science-related knowledge.

Visiting hours: 10:00 am – 7:30 pm

Entry fees: ₹50 for ages 3 yrs and above

For more information, check out https://sciencecity.gujarat.gov.in/

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