A smoky twist on South Indian delicacies: Check out Chulha Dosa on HL Food Street, Ahmedabad!

A smoky twist on South Indian delicacies: Check out Chulha Dosa on HL Food Street, Ahmedabad!

Chulha Dosa on HL Food Street serves cheesy and smoky dosas prepared in traditional Indian chulhas

What sets Chulha Dosa on HL Food Street apart from the rest is the mesmerizing sight of chulhas on coal, infusing dosas with an unmistakable smoky essence that will transport you to the heart of Indian street flavors.

Neha, the owner and manager of this eatery, along with her passionate team, work tirelessly to delight your taste buds. With their charcoal twist on traditional dosas, they've got our tastebuds in a confused state! So, head out and try this combo for yourself.

Exploring Exciting Varieties and the Smoky Essence of Dosas

Hailing from Mumbai, Neha's journey to finding her freedom and establishing her business in Chulha dosas has been filled with struggles and adventure. Now, her passion shines through in every dish she serves.

The menu boasts an array of tantalizing options, including their famous Jinny dosa, Ghotala dosa, Burj Khalifa dosa, and cheese Mysore dosa. If you're feeling adventurous, why not try the intriguing Pizza dosa, Khakhra dosa, or Raja Rani dosa? However, for those who prefer to play it safe, the classic Masala dosa and Mysore dosa are equally delightful choices.

Embark on a culinary journey with their innovative Dabang dosa, Matka dosa, Dilkhush dosa, and more. If dosas aren't your thing, fear not, as they also serve delectable Uttapam.

The stall opens at five in the evening, enticing food enthusiasts with its irresistible flavors, and remains open until midnight. So, if you also wish to explore fiery and aromatic dosas with a captivating smoky essence that adds a unique twist to the beloved South Indian cuisine, check out this eatery.

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