Add taste and nutrition to your morning routine with THESE breakfast options near Law Garden

Add taste and nutrition to your morning routine with THESE breakfast options near Law Garden

Bookmark these trendy spots and wave goodbye to those winter morning blues!

With chilly mornings in full swing, Ahmedabad's parks have turned into lively spots where folks gather for their morning routines. Smiles abound as people walk, exercise, practice yoga, and take leisurely strolls along the green paths, soaking up that much-needed Vitamin D. And guess what? The streets surrounding the parks have become a treasure trove of tasty and healthy food options.

We went on a little exploration and found five breakfast options near Law Garden that are perfect for kickstarting your day after that morning routine. And if you're not big on exercising or walking, well, good food is always a great motivator!

Thatte Idli- Big on fluffiness and flavor

Forget the regular Idlis and Vadas; there's a new South Indian star in town – Thatte Idli. You'll spot Uncle Idli near Law Garden serving up these fluffy delights at just Rs 20 per plate.

They're like a bigger, softer version of the usual Idlis, paired with Podi Powder and Coconut chutney. One plate might seem enough, but we bet you'll want more!

Healthy Soups – Warm bowls of goodness

If you're in the mood for something warm and healthy, look out for the sweet uncle with his soup setup. From classic tomato soup to Ginger Vegetable, Carrot garlic soup to Golden Pumpkin soup, Tomatillo Soup to Paraval Soup – the options are plenty. T

hey even do Poha or beans bowls. Warning: it's a popular spot, so be prepared for a crowd.

Dosa and Mendu Vada – South Indian breakfast bliss

When it comes to a hearty breakfast, Law Garden's famous dosa place is the go-to spot. The South Indian cuisine here is not just tasty but also budget-friendly.

Mendu Vada comes at Rs 40, Masala Dosa at Rs 70, and Maisur at Rs 80. The crowd is proof that it's worth every bite.

Natural Juices – Refreshing and nutritious

If you're in the mood for Aloe Vera juice or a blend of Chia Seed and Basil Seed, you're in luck at this spot. A sip of these refreshing concoctions not only quenches your thirst but also brings a burst of goodness. And the best part? There's a variety of other flavors to explore! So, if you fancy a sip of health and flavor, head on over to discover more juicy delights.

Good Old Kada/Healthy Soup – Indian energy drinks

For an Indian energy boost, ask the uncle near Law Garden gate. Saragva Soup, Dudhi Soup, Tomato and Broccoli Palak Soup are must-tries. And don't forget to savor the goodness of Amla juice – it's a health hero.

So, whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just a foodie, Law Garden's breakfast scene has something special for everyone. Dive in!

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