Ahmedabad Highlights | City-based architect Kabir has a theatre in his courtyard; here's why!

Ahmedabad Highlights | City-based architect Kabir has a theatre in his courtyard; here's why!

“A space for everyone and by everyone.”

When you first hear the name Scrapyard Theatre, it naturally piques curiosity. Why such a name for a theatre? Kabir Thakore, the visionary behind this thriving artistic space in Ahmedabad, answers this question with a smile. For him, Scrapyard represents "a place where theatre and art, often considered 'scrap' or mere "side hobbies" by society, find a nurturing home."

Thakore's journey began with a simple yet profound goal: to create a space accessible to all, where artists can learn, experiment, and perform theatre without financial barriers. Thus, Scrapyard Theatre was born in the courtyard of this architect!

Built in 2015 for theatre enthusiasts in Ahmedabad

Kabir Thakore mentoring kids at Scrapyard Theatre
Kabir Thakore mentoring kids at Scrapyard TheatreAjaz Shaikh

For Kabir, an architect by profession, Scrapyard Theatre was "a dream born out of a lack of accessible spaces for budding theatre enthusiasts in Ahmedabad." Back in 2015, there were hardly a few options for those passionate about theatre but without the means to pursue it commercially.

Inspired by the intimate auditoriums of Mumbai and influenced by figures like Mahesh Dattani, who transformed parts of their homes into creative spaces, Kabir embarked on a journey to create a similar haven in his own backyard.

Initially, equipped with nothing but determination and creativity, Kabir and his students began to build Scrapyard Theatre from scratch. They crafted everything themselves—lights, stage setups, and more—transforming a simple courtyard into a thriving hub for theatrical experimentation. Their mission was clear: to foster a community where theatre wasn’t just a pastime but a profound art form accessible to all.

Making theatre accessible to everyone

Today, Scrapyard Theatre stands as a testament to Thakore's vision—a place where aspiring theatre artists come to learn, create, and showcase their craft without the burden of commercial pressures. It not only hosts performances but also conducts workshops, talks, and innovative projects, addressing diverse social issues and exploring challenging subjects. Artists are provided space and a stage at a very minimal rate.

In a city now boasting several amphitheatres, Scrapyard remains unique—a grassroots-level initiative that continues to inspire and support Ahmedabad’s growing theatrical community. Its name, once a question mark, now symbolizes the resilience and creativity thriving within its walls—a space truly for everyone, and by everyone!

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