Ahmedabad News Roundup | 1705 CCTV cameras non-functional, mental health helpline calls surge & more

Ahmedabad News Roundup | 1705 CCTV cameras non-functional, mental health helpline calls surge & more

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From over 1700 CCTV cameras in Ahmedabad being non-functional, to power lines going underground to enhance safety measures, to a surge in mental health helpline calls amidst board exam stress, and more. Find out what's happening in the city with this Ahmedabad News Roundup.

Over 1700 CCTV cameras in Ahmedabad non-operational

1705 CCTV cameras installed in Ahmedabad under the Smart City Mission are currently dysfunctional. In the assembly, the Minister of State for Home, acknowledged that these cameras are inactive due to a lack of maintenance.

However, the ministry has assured the public that a restoration grant has been established by the state government to address this issue.

Surge in mental health helpline calls amidst Board exam stress


As the State Board and CBSE exams approach, students and parents in the city are experiencing heightened stress and anxiety. The Tele Manas Helpline at the Mental Health Hospital in Ahmedabad has observed a five-fold increase in exam-related queries and assistance calls, highlighting the need for mental health support during this challenging period.

Powerlines going underground to enhance safety measures


In the aftermath of a fireman's death in Ghuma, Ahmedabad, the power company has initiated the installation of underground power lines. Similar projects are underway in Bhopal and Naroda on the city's outskirts. UGVCL is actively transitioning to underground power lines in Naroda.

A 25 thousand crore grant has been allocated to the power department to speed up this shift, reducing the risk of such incidents in the future.

Road erosion woes at Khokhra-Anupam Overbridge

The Khokhra-Anupam overbridge near Kankaria, which underwent repairs costing Rs. 71 crores and was opened to citizens in 2022, faced an unexpected issue. The RCC road leading to Anupam Cinema deteriorated within 1.5 years, causing inconvenience to motorists due to washed-away cement and concrete.

Local corporator raised the issue with officials, leading to immediate attention and the commencement of repair work to rectify the situation.

DEO's warning prompts release of the withheld results for 155 RTE students

The results of 155 Class 1 students admitted under the RTE Act at Udgam School in the city were initially withheld due to suspicions of fraudulent financial proofs used for admissions. The school, suspecting misrepresentation by parents, chose to withhold the results.

Following complaints from concerned parents, the City District Education Officer (DEO) intervened and issued a show-cause notice to the school, cautioning them about potential monetary penalties. In response to the warning and under the pressure of potential penalties, the school administration eventually released the withheld results.

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