Ahmedabad News Roundup| Adani launches Green Hydrogen project, Riverfront amusement park info & more

Ahmedabad News Roundup| Adani launches Green Hydrogen project, Riverfront amusement park info & more

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Stay tuned for the latest in Ahmedabad – from Adani Total Gas pioneering the Green Hydrogen Blending Pilot Project, to the exciting attractions planned for the upcoming Riverfront amusement park, and the City Traffic Department cracking down on private bus violations. Stay informed with this Ahmedabad News Roundup.

Adani Total Gas launches Green Hydrogen Blending Pilot Project for cleaner energy

Adani Total Gas Ltd. (ATGL), a major energy and city gas distribution company, on Tuesday revealed plans for a groundbreaking 'Green Hydrogen Production and Blending Pilot Project' in Ahmedabad.

This initiative will involve using advanced technologies to blend Green Hydrogen (GH2) with natural gas for more than 4,000 homes and businesses in the city. Following a successful pilot, the hydrogen-blended fuel will gradually be supplied to larger parts of the city, aiming to reduce emissions by up to 4%.

Attractions of the upcoming amusement park at the Riverfront

Adding to the entertainment options at the Sabarmati Riverfront, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is planning to build a 10-acre amusement park costing Rs 75 crore.

The park will feature attractions such as a roller coaster, IMAX experience, simulator rides, adventure zones, VR games, arcade video games, a snow park, a kids' area, and a fountain show. With a massive 66-meter Ferris wheel, the park is expected to boost tourism in the city. The project is open to collaboration with local and global companies.

City Traffic Department cracks down on violating private buses

Despite repeated restrictions on heavy vehicle movement in the city between 7 am and 10 pm, numerous private buses have been violating these rules, leading to fatal accidents.

The city's traffic department is now cracking down on these violators, focusing on taking action against the companies involved. However, reports suggest that only drivers, not the vehicle owners, have been booked by the police.

Sabarmati Riverfront Flower Show to showcase various sculptures


The Sabarmati Riverfront Flower Show is set to kick off on January 1, featuring various sculptures, flowers, and plants. This year, approximately 33 sculptures will be on display, showcasing iconic structures like the newly built Parliament Building, Statue of Unity, Sun Temple, Chandrayaan-3, GSLV Mk 3 rocket, and Parker Solar Probe.

These sculptures are estimated to cost 5.45 crore rupees. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has issued a tender for the project.Parker Solar Probe

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