Ahmedabad News Roundup| City garden track leveling, upcoming box cricket spaces under bridges & more

Ahmedabad News Roundup| City garden track leveling, upcoming box cricket spaces under bridges & more

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From AMC's walking path leveling work for public gardens to the introduction of box cricket facilities beneath city bridges to the launch of new routes to Kalibari Temple and more, stay updated with what's happening in the city with this Ahmedabad News Roundup.

Improvements underway for walking tracks in public gardens

Following the recent initiative by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) to repair and resurface damaged roads, the civic body has turned its attention to the walking paths in public gardens and parks throughout the city. These green spaces are essential for the general public, offering areas for jogging and exercise. With the approaching winter season, maintaining these tracks in good condition is of utmost importance.

Box cricket and more to thrive beneath city bridges

The municipality has introduced an initiative to maximize the utility of space beneath city bridges. As a pilot project, facilities such as box cricket courts and open libraries will be established under five city bridges, including three in the eastern part of the city. The Municipal Corporation has allocated an estimated budget of Rs. 25 crores for this undertaking.

Each bridge will host a range of amenities, including box cricket facilities, children's play areas, open libraries with seating, walking tracks, and parking spaces. The cost of developing each space is projected to be approximately Rs. 5 crore. Preparations for the commencement of operations at all five bridges are set to begin within the next month.

New AMTS routes connects to Kalibari temple

The Kalibari temple, under the management of the Bengal Cultural Association, holds significant religious and cultural significance for the Bengali community in Ahmedabad. Situated along the Rajpath Club-Kalibari Temple-SP Ring Road, the temple was previously inaccessible by public transportation.

Responding to the community's request, the authorities have introduced a new AMTS route, providing a convenient stop at the temple, which welcomes around 500 visitors daily.

Flight rates surge ahead of Diwali and World Cup Final

As Diwali approaches, with Gujaratis traveling across the country and the world, and the anticipation of a World Cup cricket final match that will draw fans from around the globe to Gujarat, Ahmedabad airport is expected to experience a substantial surge in visitors.

Consequently, flight fares have seen a significant increase. Domestic flight prices have risen up to fivefold, and international flight fares have seen a fourfold increase. Flights to popular destinations like Bangkok are already fully booked.

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