Ahmedabad News Roundup| Divyang Mahotsav Garba, Dhordo earns 'Best Tourism Village' title & more

Ahmedabad News Roundup| Divyang Mahotsav Garba, Dhordo earns 'Best Tourism Village' title & more

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From the participation of more than 700 people with disabilities in Divyang Mahotsav's Garba to the recognition of Dhordo village in Kutch as the 'Best Tourism Village' to the growing challenge of cybercrime in Ahmedabad, and much more, check out what's happening in the city and state with this Ahmedabad News Roundup.

Over 700 people with disabilities join in the joy at Divyang Mahotsav

Divyang Mahotsav, a remarkable initiative that provides individuals with disabilities a platform to participate in the Garba celebration, recently unfolded. More than 700 people from all walks of life and corners of Gujarat came together to partake in this event.

This marked the seventh anniversary of the event. In a city like Ahmedabad, where Garba celebrations adorn every nook and cranny, such events exemplify inclusivity and the community's concerted efforts.

Dhordo village in Kutch receives 'Best Tourism Village' title

The United Nations World Tourism Organization has bestowed the prestigious title of 'Best Tourism Village' upon Dhordo village in Kutch district. Kutch has long been a thriving travel destination in the state, with Dhordo gaining prominence for hosting the annual Rann Utsav.

The village's dedicated commitment to sustainable tourism, rural development, and the preservation of its culture and traditions led to this remarkable recognition. The title is expected to further boost its appeal to adventurers and travelers.

Ahmedabad faces escalating cybercrime challenge

The Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF), an organization affiliated with IIT Kanpur, recently issued a report highlighting the growing concern of cyber crime in Ahmedabad and Surat, owing to the age of digitization. The study identified prevalent cyber crimes, including online financial fraud, hacking, and impersonation.

Notably, task-based and mobile-based investment frauds are on the rise in Gujarat, according to a senior police officer.

Over 11 lakh people have attended Vibrant Navratri Festival at GMDC ground

More than 11 lakh people have flocked to the lively Navratri festival at GMDC Ground in just eight days. This festival, organized by the Tourism Corporation at the university ground, offers free entry to the public and features theme pavilions, virtual reality stalls, handicrafts, and delectable food options. Attendees are treated to the enchanting spectacle of khelaiyas dancing to live music.

The number of visitors and participants has consistently grown each day during Navratri, with the possibility of a record-breaking turnout on the final day which is today, potentially surpassing one and a half lakh people.

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