Ahmedabad News Roundup| EMRI-108 readies for Garba emergencies, SP Stadium renovation begins & more

Ahmedabad News Roundup| EMRI-108 readies for Garba emergencies, SP Stadium renovation begins & more

Stay updated with what's happening in the city.

From the EMRI-108 team's preparations to ensure swift assistance for cardiac emergencies during Navratri to the announcement of a 4-hour early arrival policy for airport security, before the big match and more - Catch up with what's happening in the city with this Ahmedabad News Roundup.

EMRI-108 team prepares for cardiac emergencies during Navratri festivities

With recent cases of cardiac arrests in youth, particularly during the Garba festivities, the EMRI-108 team in the city is gearing up to respond to potential emergencies during the upcoming Navratri events. EMRI-108 ambulances will now be strategically stationed at key Garba venues throughout the city.

The EMRI-108 team is actively collecting information about all the major Garba event locations in the city and plans to position ambulances within a 200-500 meter radius of these venues to ensure swift assistance. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended that young participants remain vigilant and only engage within their physical limits.

4-hour early arrival for airport security during the 'big match'

With the highly anticipated India-Pakistan match just days away, heightened security measures have been implemented at Ahmedabad Airport. A special Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been introduced for domestic passengers, requiring them to arrive at the airport four hours before their flight departure, especially during the India-Pak match.

Due to the expected increase in chartered flights, there will be significant air traffic for three days. Early arrival is necessary to accommodate additional security checks, with an estimated 28,000 passengers per day at the domestic airport during the match.

Sardar Patel Stadium renovation work begins

Renovation work has started at Sardar Patel Stadium. Amidst the news of the stadium's revamp project, images of the ground being excavated have surfaced. This stadium, which typically sees numerous athletes and citizens visiting for exercise and recreational activities, is set to undergo a significant overhaul. The project involves applying a new layer of soil to the ground, alongside other renovations.

Gujarat CM allocates Rs 100 crores for road repairs

Gujarat Chief Minister's has allocated Rs 100 crores for the repair and resurfacing of roads in 157 Nagarpalikas. Many roads and bridges across the state have been extensively damaged during this year's monsoon season.

In response, the CM has approved the fund from the Chief Minister Shehari Sadak Yojana. The funds will be distributed based on categories, such as: 'A' category Nagarpalikas will receive Rs 1 crore each, 'B' category Nagarpalikas Rs 80 lakh each, 'C' category Nagarpalikas Rs 60 lakh each, and 'D' category Nagarpalikas Rs 40 lakh each, for road resurfacing projects.

Massive security operation planned around NaMO Stadium

The World Cup season has already begun, but amid the excitement, security concerns are looming large. The Gujarat Police will be responsible for safeguarding the outer areas of the stadium, access roads, and four main routes leading to the venue. Approximately 5,000 jawans and 150 officers will be deployed for security arrangements.

Additionally, between 500 to 800 jawans from BSF and CRPF will be present at the stadium during the match. Plans are in place to entrust the security of the stadium to the CISF for the first time, an agency that has previously overseen security at the airport and major tourist destinations. However, the final approval for this arrangement is pending.

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