Ahmedabad News Roundup| Ghodasar flyover opening, traffic restrictions around stadium for IPL & more

Ahmedabad News Roundup| Ghodasar flyover opening, traffic restrictions around stadium for IPL & more

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From the opening of the Ghodasar flyover bridge for public use, to traffic restrictions around Motera Stadium for IPL matches, to the confusion sparked among commuters by the naming of two railway stations as Chandlodia and more. Catch the latest updates of the city in this Ahmedabad News Roundup.

Ghodasar flyover bridge set to open for public 

The AMC has completed the construction of the Ghodasar Split Overbridge. Scheduled to open for public soon, the overbridge aims to address traffic congestion issues at Ghodasar Cross roads in the eastern area. Authorities have already conducted the load bearing test.

The four-lane split flyover bridge is anticipated benefits improved traffic flow for approximately 2.50 lakh motorists.

Traffic restrictions around Motera Stadium for IPL matches

Ahead of six upcoming IPL matches at Motera Stadium, the Ahmedabad Commissioner of Police has announced traffic restrictions to manage congestion and ensure the smooth flow of attendees. From Janpath T Junction to the stadium's main gate, as well as from Krupa Residency to the stadium's main gate, vehicular access will be restricted on the match dates.

Two railway stations named Chandlodia spark commuter confusion

The confusion surrounding the Chandlodia station name is causing inconvenience to passengers. With trains being redirected to Sabarmati and Gandhinagar, and some bypassing the city altogether, a stoppage has been designated at Chandlodia.

However, the presence of two stations with the same name, Chandlodia and Chandlodia B, merely 2 km apart, is leading to passenger mix-ups and missed trains. This confusion underscores the need for clearer signage and communication to ensure smooth travel for passengers during this period of transition.

City braces for Yellow Alert

On Tuesday, the city's maximum temperature soared to 41.3 degrees Celsius, marking the second-highest temperature of the season thus far. With the heat intensifying, the corporation has issued a yellow alert for the next two days, signaling temperatures between 41 and 43 degrees Celsius on Wednesday and Thursday. Residents are advised to take precautions as the heatwave persists.

AMC enforces vehicle tax collection 

The recent mandate requiring Aadhaar as a mandatory document for vehicle registration has facilitated the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) in gathering crucial data and cracking down on owners defaulting on road tax payments. To enhance vehicle tax collection efforts, AMC has identified specific areas bordering the city limits where vehicles, even if registered outside municipal boundaries, are liable to pay taxes.

Amdavadi teen triumphs at National Roller Skating Championship

Sixteen-year-old Khwab Antani, a resident of Ahmedabad, clinched both a gold and silver medal at the 67th National Roller Skating Championship organized by the School Games Federation of India in Madhya Pradesh. Despite playing with an injured leg, Antani showcased remarkable skill and determination, earning praise for his outstanding performance.

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