Ahmedabad News Roundup | Health complications on the rise, Smart Meters installed in Naroda & more

Ahmedabad News Roundup | Health complications on the rise, Smart Meters installed in Naroda & more

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Double season and rising temperature raise health concerns, AMC progresses in digital transformation, Naroda witnesses installation of Smart Meters for the pilot project, and more. Stay informed with the latest updates from the city in this Ahmedabad News Roundup.

1. Smart Meters installed in Naroda for the pilot project

Under the Central Government's Revamped Reforms-Linked Results-Based Distribution Sector Scheme Project, UGVCL has initiated the installation of smart meters for electricity access. As part of the pilot project, 172 meters have been successfully installed in the Naroda area.

These smart meters require users to recharge first before getting access to power supply. The primary goal of the project is to regulate and control the overconsumption of electricity.

2. Unusual Rise in temperature and double season spark health concerns

Amdavadis are currently witnessing a rise in temperatures, with Thursday's minimum temperature reaching 18°C, surpassing the normal by 3.3 degrees. The recorded minimum temperature on February 5 was 20°C, resembling conditions more typical of March and standing out as one of the highest in the last three decades.

This shift has given rise to a dual-season impact, triggering a surge in upper respiratory tract infections. Symptoms commonly reported include persistent throat discomfort and the presence of yellow sputum. Alongside this, cases of various illnesses such as Covid, H1N1 and Influenza have been documented.

3. AMC advances digital transformation in Ahmedabad

Despite initiating digitization efforts a decade ago and declaring Ahmedabad a 'Digitally Smart' city, only 15 out of AMC's services are currently online, with 14 pending. The city has invested significantly in digital interfaces, such as mobile apps and online tax payments.

To address existing gaps, AMC is revising its digital roadmap, focusing on integrating services like Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (Scada) systems for water supply and drainage management.

4. Road Expansion in Ahmedabad for 2036 Olympics bid

State Government in joint efforts with Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (Auda) is gearing up for a potential bid to host the 2036 Olympics at the SP Sports Enclave. As part of the infrastructural reforms, AMC is widening the road from Sabarmati Janpath to Narendra Modi Stadium.

Notices are issued for the gradual removal of illegal constructions along Motera Road in Sabarmati TP Scheme No. 23, with alternative residential arrangements. Building plans align with the future 60m wide road layout.

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