Ahmedabad News Roundup | Heritage gates to be lit up, Riverfront expansion to Gandhinagar & more

Ahmedabad News Roundup | Heritage gates to be lit up, Riverfront expansion to Gandhinagar & more

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From the city's heritage gates undergoing a facelift to the expansion of Sabarmati Riverfront to Gandhinagar to the launch of an AC Volvo bus service between Ahmedabad Airport and Rajkot by GSRTC and more. Stay updated with what's happening in the city with this Ahmedabad News Roundup.

Beautification and lighting initiatives in heritage area

The standing committee issued directives for the enhancement of aesthetics and lighting for all gates within the city's heritage area. Emphasizing a commitment to the preservation of these historic sites, the instructions include the permanent illumination and beautification of the heritage gates.

Given the significance of the heritage route, which attracts visitors from across the country, concerns were raised about litter on the roads and cleanliness in the area. Consequently, instructions have been issued to conduct thorough cleaning operations three to four times daily to address these concerns.

Expansion of Sabarmati Riverfront to Gandhinagar

The Sabarmati Riverfront is set to expand to Gandhinagar with the development of Sabarmati Riverfront Phase-3, a project undertaken by an international company at a cost of Rs. 1,000 crore. Stretching from Indira Bridge to Narmada Main Canal, this new phase will cover an approximate area of 4.5 km.

This development marks a significant extension, bringing the total length of the riverfront to 38.5 km. The project will include the creation of a 1.5 km forested area within the 4.5 km riverfront, featuring extensive tree planting. Riverfront Phase-III will also introduce 10 food plazas in the Lower Promenade area.

GSRTC launches AC Volvo bus service between Ahmedabad Airport and Rajkot

GSRTC is set to inaugurate an AC Volvo bus service connecting Ahmedabad Airport and Rajkot. From February 5th, Monday, the fare for this route is fixed at Rs 553.

The AC Volvo buses will operate in both directions, shuttling between SVPI Airport and Rajkot. Departures are scheduled at 6 AM from Ahmedabad Airport and 5 PM from Rajkot. Booking can be conveniently made through the GSRTC app. More buses will be introduced on this route in the future.

Fine for public littering in Ahmedabad: AMC takes strict action

Strict measures are being implemented in Ahmedabad to deter public littering. The Solid Waste Management Department will now penalize individuals found spitting or spreading filth in public spaces.

Offenders, could face fines of up to Rs 500. The Municipal Commissioner has instructed officials to enforce penalties and conduct awareness programs to maintain cleanliness in public areas.

Rising footfall in Ahmedabad Metro

The Ahmedabad metro has experienced a notable surge in passenger numbers. Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation Limited (GMRC) remains hopeful that ridership will keep expanding, thanks to ongoing station and line additions.

AMC announces base price for Sabarmati Riverfront plots

The Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation Ltd (SRFDCL) has opted to lease land along the Sabarmati Riverfront. An evaluation of a plot situated on the western part of the Sabarmati Riverfront, specifically at Vaallabh Sadan, fixed at a value of Rs 3.08 lakh per sq m.

Alongside this, the AMC is preparing to offer development rights, allowing developers to utilize the property for a fixed period, at an attractive rate of just Rs 22,647 per sq m for the sought-after riverfront plots.

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