Ahmedabad News Roundup | Highest number of sensitive polling booths, AMC prepares for monsoon & more

Ahmedabad News Roundup | Highest number of sensitive polling booths, AMC prepares for monsoon & more

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Ahmedabad West leads in allocation of sensitive polling booths; AMC allocates funds for percolating wells to mitigate monsoon woes; Western Railway announces additional special trains and more. Catch up with the latest updates of the city in this Ahmedabad news roundup.

Ahmedabad West leads in sensitive polling booths allocation


In preparation for upcoming elections, Ahmedabad West emerges with the highest proportion of booths designated as sensitive, accounting for 26.43% of the total. This is followed by Ahmedabad East at 24% and Gandhinagar-6 at 16.33%. The allocation of security personnel to polling booths is contingent upon the sensitivity classification of each constituency.

Local police, central forces, and other personnel will be deployed to ensure the maintenance of law and order during both polling and counting.

AMC allocates funds for percolating wells to mitigate monsoon woes

The onset of heavy monsoon rains poses perennial challenges of flooding and waterlogging in Ahmedabad every year. Hence, the municipal corporation has earmarked funds for the installation of percolating wells. These wells, situated near Rajpath Club, within the vicinity of Mahila Garden, are estimated to cost Rs 12.92 lakh. Percolating wells facilitate the seepage of rainwater into the ground, thereby replenishing aquifers and mitigating surface runoff.

In a proactive measure, AMC intends to construct eight such percolating wells across the city ahead of this year’s monsoon season.

Western Railway announces additional Special Trains

Expanding its services further, Western Railway has introduced additional special trains to facilitate easier travel between key destinations. Among the newly announced routes are connections between Ahmedabad and Hubballi, as well as Sabarmati and Gorakhpur.

Additionally, to cater to the growing demand, Western Railway has extended the routes of three pairs of trains originating from Ahmedabad to destinations including Kanpur Central and Agra Continent.

A concerning surge in cholera cases

Ahmedabad has witnessed a concerning uptick in cholera cases, with 35 reported cases recorded until April 20th. This figure matches the total number of cases reported throughout the entirety of 2022. The affected areas predominantly include wards such as Amraiwadi, Vatva, Danilimda, Vastral, Maninagar, Ramol-Hathijan, Gomtipur, Nikol, and Indrapuri.

Moreover, instances of other waterborne ailments, including Typhoid, Jaundice, as well as diarrhea and vomiting, have also been observed at elevated levels.

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