Ahmedabad News Roundup| Hospitals being penalized to speed guns causing commuter confusion & more

Ahmedabad News Roundup| Hospitals being penalized to speed guns causing commuter confusion & more

Read on to find the latest updates and news of Ahmedabad.

From city hospitals facing penalties for overcharging the patients to new speed guns causing confusion among commuters to GMRC embracing Hydroflow technology and more, get the latest updates on what's happening in the city at this September 15 Ahmedabad News Roundup.

City hospitals penalized for overcharging

City-based hospitals, including prestigious government institutions like IKDRC, SVP, and Gujarat Cancer Hospital, have come under scrutiny for overcharging patients holding Aayushman cards. The state government has responded with penalties totaling Rs 7.75 lakh imposed on these healthcare facilities.

UNESCO to review Ahmedabad's heritage status

Ahmedabad's heritage conservation plan is under the microscope as UNESCO's World Heritage Committee will evaluate whether the city deserves to keep its 'World Heritage City' title. After a period of inactivity lasting 15 months, the city's efforts to address this matter are finally gaining momentum, coinciding with the 45th session of UNESCO's World Heritage Committee in Riyadh.

New speed guns create commuter confusion

Ahmedabad has introduced new speed guns capable of issuing immediate e-challans for speeding vehicles. However, the absence of clear signboards indicating speed limits on major roads has resulted in confusion and challenges for commuters.

GMRC adopts Hydroflow technology

The Gujarat Metro Railway Corporation (GMRC) has successfully implemented Hydroflow antifouling technology at several metro stations. This move is aimed at enhancing passenger comfort, reducing operational costs, and contributing to a cleaner environment. Hydroflow technology has a strong track record of providing innovative solutions for complex water-related challenges across various industries.

Weekend rain forecast

The latest forecast from IMD predicts heavy to very heavy rainfall in South Gujarat districts from Saturday to Monday, while other regions of the state can expect light to moderate showers. In Ahmedabad, there are chances of rain and thunder showers on Friday evening or night.

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