Ahmedabad News Roundup | Kalupur elevated corridor opens, police crackdown on rash driving & more

Ahmedabad News Roundup | Kalupur elevated corridor opens, police crackdown on rash driving & more

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From Kalupur railway station elevated corridor being accessible to the public, City police clamp down on reckless driving and daredevil stunts, voting awareness program conducted at Law Garden's Happy Street, and more. Stay informed with the latest city updates in this Ahmedabad News Roundup.

Kalupur railway station elevated corridor opens to public

The newly opened elevated corridor connecting Kalupur and Saraspur Railway Station Over-Bridges marks a milestone in the Kalupur railway station redevelopment project. Designed to alleviate traffic congestion and facilitate passenger movement, the corridor is now accessible to the public, enhancing transportation efficiency in the area.

Voting Awareness Program held at Law Garden's Happy Street

Ahmedabad District Election Authority spearheaded a vibrant 'Voting Awareness' program at Happy Street near Law Garden on Sunday, rallying the city's youth for electoral participation. Many first-time voters pledged their commitment to responsible voting, while a signature campaign further bolstered engagement.

Youth creatively utilized banners, posters, and rangoli art to spread key messages like 'Ten Minutes for the Country' and 'Chunav Ka Parva, Desh Ka Garv'. With similar initiatives planned across the city, the drive for civic responsibility gains momentum.

City police crackdown on reckless driving and daredevil stunts

Ahmedabad Police respond to the growing trend of reckless driving and daredevil stunts among young drivers aged 18 to 25. Regional Transport Officer JJ Patel highlights the surge in vehicle registrations within this age group, particularly noting the prevalence of speeding and reckless driving, especially at night.

To ensure public safety, stringent measures are being taken to address this concerning behavior and prevent potential accidents.

Mercury set to soar: Temperature expected to touch 40C today

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) forecasts a maximum temperature of 40C on Monday in Ahmedabad. The city and state have witnessed a gradual rise in temperatures, with Sunday's maximum reaching 38.8C. Despite a slight drop in the minimum temperature to 23.8C, both maximum and minimum temperatures remain close to normal levels.

Water troughs installed in Eastern Ahmedabad to support avian population

Teams from the Uday Foundation installed water troughs at various locations in eastern Ahmedabad today to provide water for birds amid rising temperatures. Adequate planning ensures continuous water availability for this purpose, promoting the well-being of avian species during hot weather conditions.

Spreading awareness about Parkinson’s Disease: 'Still Dancing' arrives in Ahmedabad

Movement Mantra and Third Half Theatre collaborate to debut their dance-theatre production 'Still Dancing,' aimed at raising awareness about Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Based on a true story, the show will be staged in Ahmedabad on April 19th & 20th at the Forum, Club O Seven, fostering conversations about the condition.

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