Ahmedabad News Roundup | Progress on sports enclave, extended AMTS bus rentals for schools & more

Ahmedabad News Roundup | Progress on sports enclave, extended AMTS bus rentals for schools & more

Catch up with the latest news and updates of Ahmedabad!

From the development of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Sports Enclave to AMTS's extended bus hire time limits for school tours to the launch of Gujarat's first digital book to raise HIV awareness and more. Stay updated with what's happening in the city with this Ahmedabad News Roundup.

Joint ventures to propel Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Sports Enclave project

In anticipation of India's bid for the 2036 Olympics, the Gujarat government is actively strategizing to elevate sports infrastructure. As part of this initiative, the Gujarat Olympic Planning and Infrastructure Corporation Ltd (GOLYMPIC) is facilitating joint ventures between local and international infrastructure entities to develop the state-of-the-art Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Sports Enclave.

The projected cost for this ambitious project is Rs 6000 crore.

AMTS extends bus hire time limits for school tours

Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service (AMTS) has revised its bus fare policies for school trips. Schools can now hire an AMTS bus for Rs. 1500 for three hours, with an additional charge of Rs. 500 for every extra 30 minutes.

Municipal schools, on the other hand, can rent the service at a fixed minimum fare of Rs. 750 per bus for a three-hour duration.

Surge in emergency cases raises concerns

The latest data from Gujarat EMRI-108 reveals a significant uptick in emergency cases, with Surat, Ahmedabad, and Dahod reporting rates of 15%, 13%, and 12.24%, respectively—far surpassing the state's overall average of nearly 5% over the past year. Ahmedabad residents are increasingly grappling with health issues such as respiratory problems, cardiac issues, abdominal pain, and high fever.

The spike is attributed to escalating pollution levels, unhealthy lifestyles, and dietary habits.

Gujarat's first digital book to raise HIV awareness

Gujarat is set to launch its first digital book at the Kankaria Carnival on December 25, aimed at raising public awareness about HIV. The book is expected to be inaugurated by the Chief Minister, offering a comprehensive resource for residents.

Two years after Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the country's first HIV digital book, the Ahmedabad Municipal Aids Control Society plans to distribute this 36-page digital book to five lakh homes in the city. In addition to pamphlets, the book can be downloaded by scanning the QR code, and awareness videos will be available on YouTube.

Riverfront transformation: Glow Garden, Musical Fountain, and More

Ahmedabad's riverfront is undergoing a transformative makeover with the introduction of attractions such as the Atal Bridge, flower garden, butterfly park, and water activities. The 52,000 square meter glow garden will feature a 200-foot glowing tunnel, colorful lights, trees, small plants, animals, birds, cartoon characters, swings, light benches, and walkways. Scheduled to commence after the flower show in February, the glow garden is expected to be completed by May.

A 20-meter wide and 25 to 40 meters high musical fountain, costing an estimated Rs 6 crore, will be constructed near the Atal Bridge. This L-shaped fountain, with at least 400 nozzles, is set to enhance the beauty of the river and will be visible from the Atal Bridge.

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