Ahmedabad News Roundup | Rs. 6000 Cr plan for Sport Enclave, Smart Police Station @ GIFT City & more

Ahmedabad News Roundup | Rs. 6000 Cr plan for Sport Enclave, Smart Police Station @ GIFT City & more

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From the Rs. 6,000 crore master plan for the city's Sports Enclave, to the establishment of India's first unmanned Police Station at GIFT City, to the display of information mandated for Autorickshaws and Taxis and more, catch up with the latest updates of the city in this Ahmedabad News Roundup.

Rs 6,000 Cr master plan for city Sports Enclave

To bid for the hosting of the 2036 Olympics in Ahmedabad, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) has formulated a Rs. 6,000 crore master plan for a 300-acre Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Sports Enclave.

The proposed sports hub, positioned as the upcoming sports capital of India, will house six new stadiums with a total capacity exceeding 1 lakh spectators. The grand sports enclave aims to be the venue for the upcoming Olympics.

Display of information mandated for Autorickshaws and Taxis

The Commissioner of Ahmedabad Police has issued a notification mandating autorickshaw and taxi walas in the city to display vehicle information in English on the back of the driver's seat. This includes the vehicle number, vehicle owner's name, driver's name, and Ahmedabad City Police Control number.

The information must be presented on a non-cursive 12x10 inch board, clearly visible to passengers. Failure to comply will result in complaints being registered. The directive is effective from January 30, 2024, to March 29, 2024.

India's first unmanned Police Station to come up at GIFT City

Gift City is set to have India's first unmanned 'Smart police station', drawing inspiration from Dubai's Smart Police Station. The innovative approach ensures that police personnel are actively present in the community rather than stationed at the facility. Administrative tasks will be handled through kiosks, with no police officers stationed on-site.

Gift City, known for global business, needs top-notch security due to rising cybercrime and economic fraud. This has led to the creation of an innovative police station.

Weather Update: Double season brings temperature fluctuations

Gujarat is currently experiencing a double season, with daytime temperatures rising and nighttime temperatures dropping. This double season is expected to persist for the next three days, after which the minimum temperature will rise by two to three degrees, potentially reducing the cold spell.

Ahmedabad's minimum temperature is recorded at 12.3 degrees Celsius, while the maximum temperature has reached 30 degrees. The Meteorological Department predicts a minimum temperature of 15 degrees Celsius over the next five days.

Western Railway to implement KAVACH technology on Mumbai-Ahmedabad Route

Western Railway is set to deploy indigenous KAVACH technology on the Virar-Vadodara-Ahmedabad-Nagda section, covering 735 km, by the year-end. The technology features automatic halting of train movement upon sensing another train within a designated distance, enhancing safety by addressing manual errors and malfunctions.

In emergency scenarios, automatic brake applications serve as a fail-safe mechanism, providing real-time information to loco pilots.

Ahmedabad hosts India vs England Physical Disability T20I Trophy

For the first time, Ahmedabad is hosting the India vs England Physical Disability T20I Trophy, organized by the Differently-Abled Cricket Council of India (DCCI) in collaboration with the BCCI and Gujarat Cricket Association.

Five T20 matches will take place between January 28 and February 6 at various grounds, including Narendra Modi Stadium-B, Gujarat College A ground, and Railway Ground, culminating in the final at Narendra Modi Stadium.

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