Ahmedabad News Roundup | Thol and Nalsarovar makeover, footfall at SVPI Airport reaches 1 Cr & more

Ahmedabad News Roundup | Thol and Nalsarovar makeover, footfall at SVPI Airport reaches 1 Cr & more

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From the development of Thol and Nal Sarovar, to footfall at SVPI Airport reaching 1 Crore in less than a year, to another wave of winter in the city and more, discover what's happening with this Ahmedabad News Roundup.

1. Thol and Nal Sarovar set for significant development

Riteeka Rathod

Ahmedabad's renowned bird-watching destinations, Thol Lake and Nalsarovar, are poised for a major makeover. The Tourism Department has allocated Rs 30 crore for Nalsarovar and Rs 25 crore for Thol. These funds will be utilized to enhance the facilities at these Ramsar sites.

The development plan encompasses the establishment of observation points, gazebos, food corners, and improved boating services. Nalsarovar will witness the addition of a vibrant flag-adorned dock, while both sites will benefit from new parking spaces. Nalsarovar's development plan also includes camping sites, nature trails, theme parks, an amphitheater, and watchtowers.

2. Footfall at SVPI Airport reaches 1 Crore in less than a year

As of February 8, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad has catered to over 10 million passengers in the current financial year. With more than 240 daily flights and servicing 32,000 domestic and international passengers, the airport is rapidly emerging as a key international air connectivity hub.

Major events such as World Cup matches, the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, G20, and U20 have played a pivotal role in attracting this substantial air traffic within a year.

3. Inauguration of 1,548 Crore development projects on 12th Feb

On February 12, the Home Minister is set to unveil significant development projects totaling 1,548.42 crores in Ahmedabad. This encompasses the opening of a multi-level parking facility on Sindhubhan Road and the Prahladnagar area, along with the Makarba Railway Underpass.

The inauguration ceremony will extend to water distribution stations in Memnagar, Thaltej, and the vicinity of Rajpath Club. Furthermore, the Minister will launch the rehabilitated housing scheme in Maninagar and Thakkarbapanagar. Additionally, a range of amenities, such as vegetable markets, anganwadis, urban health centers, drainage lines, and more, will be established as part of these initiatives.

4. Weather Update: Cold Spell grips Gujarat once again

Gujarat is currently experiencing another wave of winter, with several districts, including Ahmedabad, witnessing a decrease in minimum temperatures by two to three degrees. Meteorological Department experts attribute this sudden drop to the subsiding effect of Western Disturbances that had affected the region five days ago.

While the cold weather is expected to persist for the next two to three days, temperatures are predicted to rise afterward, bringing relief from the current cold spell.

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