Ahmedabad News Roundup | Voting awareness among youth, public gardens lacking drinking water & more

Ahmedabad News Roundup | Voting awareness among youth, public gardens lacking drinking water & more

Catch up with the latest news and updates of Ahmedabad.

From the Ahmedabad district election machinery launching a dialogue program with youth on voting, to over 120 public gardens in the city still lacking drinking water facilities, to Indigo Airlines ceasing the Ahmedabad-Agra direct flight route, and more. Find the latest updates on the city in this Ahmedabad News Roundup.

Ahmedabad champions youth voting awareness

With the upcoming elections looming, the Ahmedabad district election machinery has embarked on a mission to instill a sense of civic duty among the youth. Through a series of engaging programs, they endeavor to educate first-time voters about the significance of their ballot.

Underlining this commitment, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been inked between the Ahmedabad District Election System and Gujarat University. This collaboration culminated in a dedicated program aimed at enlightening young minds about the pivotal role of voting in shaping our democracy.

Over 120 gardens in the city, managed by the AMC, lack drinking water facilities

As temperatures soar with the onset of summer, ensuring access to drinking water becomes paramount. However, despite assurances from the Municipal Corporation, several gardens under its purview lack adequate drinking water facilities, posing a challenge to visitors.

A recent audit of the city's 270 gardens revealed that a staggering 70 percent don't have drinking water infrastructure. Particularly concerning is the absence of water systems in more than 120 gardens, with over 60 such gardens located in the western region of the city.

City youths extend helping hand to birds amid sweltering summer

As the scorching summer heat grips the city, concerns arise for the well-being of our avian friends. In a heartwarming initiative, a dedicated group in Ahmedabad has stepped forward to aid these winged creatures. Near Anjali Cross Road, 5000 earthen pots were distributed to provide essential drinking water to birds, offering a vital lifeline during these challenging times.

For the past 16 years, this group with over 500 enthusiastic youths in Ahmedabad have been actively involved in this noble cause, exemplifying a commitment to nature conservation.

A cycling duo on a 12000 km awareness ride reaches Ahmedabad 

Cycling duo Lili Dreikhausen and Aire Parani have arrived in Ahmedabad as part of their 12,000 km cycling journey. Their mission is to raise awareness about the crucial need for tree and environmental conservation.

Advocating for reforestation, afforestation, sustainable construction, and the preservation of nature and native species, they are dedicated to promoting a healthier planet on their ride from Auroville to Italy.

Indigo Airlines discontinues Ahmedabad-Agra direct flight

The direct flight service from Ahmedabad to Agra, introduced by Indigo Airlines during the festive season, has been discontinued. The cessation of the route marks a setback for travelers seeking seamless connectivity between these two prominent cities.

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