Ahmedabad News Roundup|City engineers develop electric go-kart, 'Ghol' declared as state fish & more

Ahmedabad News Roundup|City engineers develop electric go-kart, 'Ghol' declared as state fish & more

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From local engineers transforming go-karts into electric vehicles to Gujarat's declaration of 'Ghol' as the state fish at the Global Fisheries Conference to the disruption in traffic regulation due to TRB Jawans taking a voluntary mass leave and more. Stay updated on the latest city buzz with this Ahmedabad News Roundup.

Ahmedabad engineers develop electric Go-Karts 

Aditya and Mayank, two engineering friends from Ahmedabad, have successfully created go-karts and that too battery run! While go-karts are typically fueled by petrol, the duo's innovation has not only electrified them but also enhanced their speed, surpassing that of traditional petrol-powered cars. These electric go-karts, currently in action on the Gandhinagar racing track, showcase a remarkable leap in performance.

This noteworthy innovation gains further significance as no Indian company had ventured into the development of electric go-karts before Aditya and Mayank's breakthrough. Their creation not only represents a technological milestone but also holds promise for the future of electric vehicles in the racing industry.

Gujarat declares 'Ghol' as state fish at Global Fisheries Conference India

In a significant announcement during the first Global Fisheries Conference India held in Ahmedabad, Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel declared the 'Ghol' fish, also known as the Black Spotted Croaker fish (Protonibea diacanthus), as the state fish of Gujarat.

Given the longest coastal areas in the country, Gujarat boasts a high export of fish. The Ghol fish, celebrated for its delicacy and medicinal properties, holds a notable export value for the state. Union Minister Rupala emphasized that this designation will aid conservation efforts and raise awareness about the importance of this fish.

Traffic regulation disrupted as TRB Jawans take voluntary mass leave

The State Police Chief has ordered the release of 6,400 Traffic Regulation Branch (TRB) personnel, many of whom have dedicated 10, 5, or 3 years to service. Ahmedabad, with more than 2100 TRB Jawans, experienced significant disruption when these personnel took a voluntary mass leave on Tuesday in protest against the decision.

Tasked with assisting traffic police at vital points, the absence of TRB personnel had a substantial impact on traffic regulation operations. This highlighted their crucial role in managing the city's traffic flow. The unexpected mass leave resulted in traffic jams across various areas, underscoring the importance of these personnel in maintaining smooth traffic conditions.

City on its way to become a sports hub

Ahmedabad hosted five matches of the Cricket World Cup-2023, including the thrilling final, all held at the Narendra Modi Stadium. The significance of hosting the World Cup final at Modi Stadium has led experts to speculate on the city's potential to become a prominent sporting destination.

Some even predict that it wouldn't be surprising if Ahmedabad were to host the Olympics in the future, following in the footsteps of Tokyo and Beijing. The spotlight on Ahmedabad's sporting prowess continues to grow, promising an exciting future for sports enthusiasts in the region.

Decline in mosquito-borne diseases

Dengue cases in Ahmedabad are finally decreasing, with 2373 reported from January to November and unfortunately three deaths. Places like Gota, Sarkhej, Jodhpur, and Ramol saw the most cases.

Compared to last year's 2538 cases, there's a drop. But watch out, there are still cases of regular and severe malaria, showing we still need to be careful about mosquito bites. Stay safe and take those preventive measures!

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