Ahmedabad News | What actions are being taken to prevent another Rajkot Fire Tragedy? Find out!

Ahmedabad News | What actions are being taken to prevent another Rajkot Fire Tragedy? Find out!

Fire safety checks underway for game zones and city schools.

May 25 marked a tragic day for Gujarat, as a devastating fire broke out at Rajkot's TRP Game Zone. This incident, fueled by negligence and a lack of safety precautions, has spurred urgent action to prevent such tragedies in the future.

The disaster has brought attention to critical gaps in fire safety measures across the state, driving authorities to take immediate and decisive action to safeguard their city. So, what actions are being taken in Ahmedabad to ensure such an incident doesn't happen again? Read on to find out.

City game zones inspected, four centres sealed off

In response, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has launched an extensive safety campaign across the city. Officials have inspected 34 game zones to ensure compliance with essential fire safety regulations. During these inspections, six game zones were found to be operating without the necessary fire NoC (No Objection Certificate) or Building Use permission. These zones include:

  • Gaming Zone on Anandnagar Road

  • Joy & Joy of Chandlodia

  • Fun Zone of Ghuma

  • Fun Campus of Nikol

  • Joy Box of Alenza Celesta

  • Fungrito on New Science City Road

Four of these facilities have been sealed off immediately, while the remaining two have been ordered to cease operations until further instructions.

To maintain rigorous safety standards, the fire department will conduct mandatory monthly inspections of all game zones from the 1st to the 5th of each month. Additionally, the Chief Fire Officer will oversee mock drills every three months in major game zones to ensure preparedness in case of emergencies.

School safety checks

The District Education Office (DEO) has initiated fire safety checks in 140 schools within Ahmedabad City and the surrounding rural areas. These checks encompass government, self-financed, and grant-in-aid schools. Initial findings indicate that all schools inspected on the first day are adhering to fire safety norms and are equipped with necessary emergency measures.

Starting Tuesday, authorities will extend safety inspections to all facilities with children's play areas in both commercial and residential buildings. This comprehensive approach aims to ensure that every environment frequented by children meets stringent fire safety standards.

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