Ahmedabad RTO and Police roll out 'Salamat Shala Abhiyaan' as statewide schools reopen

Ahmedabad RTO and Police roll out 'Salamat Shala Abhiyaan' as statewide schools reopen

To ensure student safety during their commute and within school premises.

As schools across Gujarat resumed classes on June 13, a safety initiative named 'Salamat Shala Abhiyaan' has been rolled out by the Ahmedabad Traffic Police, District Education Officer (DEO), Regional Transport Office (RTO), and Fire Department.

The initiative includes a school safety campaign organised by the Ahmedabad City DEO, attended by approximately 1,500 school administrators and principals. On June 13, officials from multiple departments provided crucial guidance on ensuring the safety of students, teachers, and staff. Topics covered included fire safety measures, strategies to prevent road accidents, and ensuring the secure transit of children to and from school.

RTO inspections and Police checks begin

Starting June 13, the RTO will commence inspections of school vehicles, emphasising adherence to safety regulations. Concurrently, the traffic police will begin surprise checks from next Monday. The Deputy Commissioner of Police stressed the necessity for students to travel only in RTO-approved vehicles, with school buses mandated to observe designated speed limits.

Regional Transport Officer JJ Patel disclosed ongoing registrations for school vans and rickshaws, with approximately 800 vans already registered and 40 new applications received daily. Patel underscored the mandatory nature of vehicle permissions for school duty, with strict enforcement expected during surprise checks by the traffic police from Monday onwards.

Measures will be taken against any driver found using a mobile phone while driving.

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