Ahmedabad Street Food: Try Kashi Kaka's Elaichi Chai & Masala Bun, pleasing foodies since 1996

Ahmedabad Street Food: Try Kashi Kaka's Elaichi Chai & Masala Bun, pleasing foodies since 1996

We Gujaratis love our 'cha ni tapri'.

While people in other parts of the world might flock to coffee houses and pubs, we Gujaratis cherish our 'cha ni tapri'—the cosy tea stalls that serve as our daily hangout spots. These places are where we vent, converse, contemplate, and rejuvenate with a steaming cup of kadak chai.

For the residents of Ahmedabad, particularly students, KK’s Tea Stall on IIM Road has been a beloved spot since its beginning in 1996 by Kashi Kaka. Over the years, this humble tapri has gained a loyal following -- thanks to its signature Elaichi Chai, Bombay Vada Pav, and the flavorful Masala Bun.

Started as a modest chai stall in 1996

Originally set up as a side venture outside ATIRA, KK’s Tea Stall has grown into one of Ahmedabad’s most iconic chai places. Kasinath Shide, affectionately known as Kashi Kaka, started this stall with a special elaichi-infused chai recipe. His blend quickly became popular, prompting him to expand his menu and add another place called "KK's Cafe" in Panjrapole.

Kashi Kaka Special- Masala Bun!

When it comes to the food, first came the classic Maska-Bun, followed by the ever-popular Vada Pav. Kashi Kaka then introduced a spicy twist on the OG Maska-Bun—the Masala Bun. This creation involves an indulgent amount of butter, a flavorful tadka made with butter and garlic paste, and a roasted bun, that offers a new taste for Amdavadis.

KK's Masala Bun (₹50) is a must-try, which draws in crowds with its rich, buttery goodness. But if you're in the mood for something more, the Bombay-style Vada Pav (₹25) is highly recommended. And of course, don't miss out on KK's cheesy theplas, another delightful addition to its menu.

Knock Knock

While the original stall remains on IIM Road, KK’s Tea Stall also has a cafe in Janpath Complex, Panjarapole. So, whether you're a long-time local or a visitor in Ahmedabad, Kashi Kaka's den is a must-visit spot. In any case, come over to enjoy the true flavours of the city's street food options.


1. Outside Atira, IIM Road

2. Janpath Complex, Behind Sahjanand College, Panjrapole


All Days | 5 AM to 11 AM | 3 PM to 11 PM (Panjrapole)

Cost: ₹100 for two [approx.]

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