Ahmedabad zoo all set to welcome two tigresses from Aurangabad

Ahmedabad zoo all set to welcome two tigresses from Aurangabad

The new arrivals are being transferred from the Siddharth Zoo in Aurangabad on Feb 19.

The Kamala Nehru Zoological Garden in Ahmedabad, situated near Kankaria lake, is gearing up to welcome two 26-month old tigresses, taking its total tiger tally to four. The new arrivals, who are expected to arrive on Feb 19 from the Siddharth Zoo in Aurangabad, will be quarantined for 15 days before being shifted to their enclosure. If you head to the zoo anytime in March, you should be able to spot these feral felines!

Animals will also be moved to Ahmedabad from Aurangabad zoo

In return, a slew of animals including an emu, a hornbill, a jackal and an Indian crested porcupine will be transferred from the Ahmedabad zoo to Siddhartha Zoo in Aurangabad. The two incoming tigresses, named Pratibha and Ranjana, were born in Aurangabad Zoo but they will now be able to call Ahmedabad's Kankaria zoo their new home.

The decision to shift these tigresses from their current home was taken in view of the excess number of big cats the Aurangabad zoo already had. Even after the transfer, the zoo will have ten tigers, three of which are white tigers. Ahmedabad zoo, on the other hand, only had two, one Bengal tiger and a tigress.

Although they have to leave their home, Pratibha and Ranjana, the two majestic tigresses will soon also be able to benefit from the Ahmedabad zoo's policy of allowing visitors to pay for the food and maintenance of animals.

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