Ahmedabad's Asharfi Kulfi: Tempting palates with natural and creamy kulfi varieties since the 1950s!

Ahmedabad's Asharfi Kulfi: Tempting palates with natural and creamy kulfi varieties since the 1950s!

From 1954 to today, Asharfi Kulfi has been Amdavadis' go-to place for yummy and creamy kulfis.

It all started with a little stall tucked away near Law Garden, offering three simple kulfi flavors. Fast forward to today, and Asharfi Kulfi has not just grown but flourished and become a part of Ahmedabad's culinary heritage.

How, you ask? Well, one bite into their delectable kulfis, crafted from 100% natural ingredients and rich milk, and you'll understand the secret – the rich taste and the unwavering love showered upon them by the Amdavadi community!

Simple beginnings

The story unfolds with the arrival of the Late Shri Ramchandra Gupta who started Asharfi Kulfi. He had migrated from Sonai in Mainpuri district, Uttar Pradesh, to set up shop in Ahmedabad. Armed with expertise in creating mouthwatering kulfis, he established a modest stall in Law Garden.

His wife, the late Premvati Ramchandra Gupta, joined the kulfi crusade, infusing her creations with an irresistible charm.

Classic flavors and new additions!

What began with three options of yummy kulfis has evolved into a palette of over 50 exquisite options, each without artificial colors and preservatives. The menu now includes not only the classic kulfis but also an array of tempting delights like ice creams, Faluda, Kulfi Sundaes, and shakes. However, it's the timeless allure of Asharfi's classic kulfi that continues to captivate Amdavadis across generations.

Indulge in iconic flavors such as Mawa Malai, Kesar Pista, and Malai Badam, or embark on a culinary adventure with newer additions like Brownie Oreo, Rich Coffee, Chocolate, Alphonso Mango, and Rose Coconuts. Asharfi Kulfi goes beyond tradition, introducing innovative treats like Kulfi Rolls, Pot Kulfi, and the tantalizing Tilliwali Kulfi (Kulfis on wooden sticks).

So, whether you're a classic kulfi connoisseur or a modern foodie, Asharfi Kulfi invites you to savor the magic of flavors that stand the test of time, continuing to enchant taste buds in the heart of Amdavad!

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