Ahmedabad's forgotten marvels: The mysterious brick minarets

Ahmedabad's forgotten marvels: The mysterious brick minarets

The enchanting minarets, visible from platform number 1 at Kalupur Railway Station, now stand weathered and worn.

If one gazes out from platform number one at Kalupur Railway Station, an intriguing sight awaits - two elegant minarets, ensconced within a lush canopy of trees. These are the brick minarets, a forgotten architectural marvel that leaves us with more questions than answers, as they are scarcely mentioned in historic texts.

The distinctive structure made from bricks

This pair of minarets is truly exceptional, constructed entirely from bricks, rendering them one-of-the-kind brick minars in Ahmedabad. They are often mistaken for the famed "shaking minarets," but their history is more profound and obscure.

These minarets were raised in the 15th century, marking a time when they likely overlooked a mosque that has since faded into history. Above their base, you'll find ornate arched niches and intricate carvings, while at each level, projecting balconies are supported by ornate brackets.

The walls are adorned with fine carvings and friezes. When viewed from a distance, these minarets present a truly impressive spectacle framed by the embracing trees.

Current condition

The devastating earthquake of 2001 took its toll on this ancient structure. Today, what remains are the weathered vestiges of a glorious past. While these minarets fall under the purview of the Archaeological Survey of India, the pace of restoration efforts seems lethargic at best.

These minarets are a living testament to Ahmedabad's rich history, yet they remain enigmatic and largely uncelebrated. Their existence raises questions about their exact purpose and the lost mosque they once graced. Their unique brick construction sets them apart in a city known for its architectural diversity.

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