Ahmedabad's Olympic Odyssey Begins: Know all about the first-ever Kayaking Race at Riverfront

Ahmedabad's Olympic Odyssey Begins: Know all about the first-ever Kayaking Race at Riverfront

Expect many more mega sports events to follow in the future.

Ahmedabad is gearing up to make a bid to host the 2036 Olympics, and amidst the ongoing infrastructural transformations in the city, an exciting addition is set to take place – the first-ever Kayaking race on the Sabarmati Riverfront. This event, to be organized by Ahmedabad Kayaks on October 1st, marks the beginning of a series of mega-scale sports events scheduled for the city.

Read on to discover more about this thrilling event.

Know all about the event

Mark your calendars for October 1st because an exciting kayaking event is set to unfold. The event will play host to participants aged 12 and above and will be managed by Ahmedabad Kayaks, a team known for their kayaking activities beneath the Sardar Bridge.

This thrilling competition will involve participants paddling a challenging 400-meter route between the Sardar and Ambedkar bridges. The action will kick off at 7.30 am and have room for up to 42 participants.

Competition Format: The competition is structured into multiple rounds. Double-seater kayaks will compete in three rounds, with each round consisting of 5 to 7 groups. The ultimate showdown in the finals will feature single-seater kayaks, showcasing the top performers from the preceding rounds. To secure a spot in this exciting event, participants are required to pre-register and pay a mandatory fee of Rs 750, which can be conveniently done on www.ahmedabadkayaks.com.

Participant Requirements: Before diving into the race, participants' physical fitness and kayaking skills will be assessed. For those new to kayaking, a comprehensive week-long training program will also be offered. To ensure readiness, participants must demonstrate their ability to kayak a distance of 250 meters in under four minutes.

Sabarmati's sporting milestone

The Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad, a thriving hub for recreational activities, will witness a Kayaking race. The group behind this initiative, Ahmedabad Kayaks, presented their proposal to Municipal Commissioner M. Thennarasan, who wholeheartedly approved the idea.

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