Ahmedabad's Vishala Bridge to undergo six-month closure for crucial restoration

Ahmedabad's Vishala Bridge to undergo six-month closure for crucial restoration

Images depicting significant cracks on the bridge emerged on the internet two months ago, prompting widespread concern.

From the upcoming week, the Vishala Bridge, also known as the Shashtri Bridge, will be inaccessible for the next six months as it will undergo vital restoration work. The bridge caught public attention due to concerning cracks which have raised questions about the integrity of its structure.

Response to Concerns and Commuter Safety

Around two months ago, concerning images showing extensive cracks on the Shashtri Bridge, also recognized as the Vishala Bridge, surfaced across the internet, sounding an urgent call for necessary repair efforts. Regrettably, the sole action taken in response was the prohibition of heavy vehicles from passing through the deteriorating structure, which has stood for over four decades. However, cars and motorcycles were allowed to continue using the bridge.

This bridge, acting as a vital link connecting Narol Circle to Vishala within the western sector of the city, holds paramount importance. But lately, the situation took a turn for the worse, prompting the authorities to take decisive action. The decision has been made to entirely shut down the bridge for a duration of six months, to start the much-needed restoration work.

Acknowledging the critical necessity for reparation, the authorities have green-lit the repair project. The tender for this comprehensive rehabilitation effort has been sanctioned, with a projected cost of approximately ₹6 crore.

In a bid to navigate the logistical challenges of the restoration period and minimize inconvenience for commuters, an alternate route will be devised. This strategic diversion will channel traffic from Vishala to Narol, ensuring a semblance of mobility while the repair works unfold.

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