All about Ahmedabad's Emergency Call Boxes: Functions & usage of the 'Red Button' explained

All about Ahmedabad's Emergency Call Boxes: Functions & usage of the 'Red Button' explained

First of its kind initiative by Ahmedabad City Police.

Amdavadis, have you come across a mysterious box equipped with a camera in the city streets? Perhaps you've wondered about its purpose, especially that mysterious red button. Let us tell you about this.

These are Emergency Call Boxes, a pioneering initiative of Ahmedabad City Police under the Nirbhaya Safe City drive, marking a first in India's urban landscape. Around March, the city's police force installed approximately 85 of these boxes on street poles across the city.

The Red Button - Explained

These innovative video boxes, integrated with advanced AI technology, are strategically positioned in areas identified as prone to safety concerns, especially for women. Pressing the Red Button instantly activates the high-resolution night vision cameras within the boxes. This establishes an immediate link to the police control room. More than 120 police officers have been deployed under this project, who will attend to such calls and alert the nearest police station.

This direct connection enables individuals in distress to quickly communicate with law enforcement. In case of imminent danger, the police can promptly respond, ensuring the safety and well-being of those involved.

It is also to be noted that these cameras aren't exclusively for women; any citizen facing danger, emergencies or is in need of help (whether caused by man-made or natural events) can turn to the Emergency Box to receive instant assistance.

Need for Awareness

Reportedly, the city police have been receiving around 20 calls daily through these video calling boxes, mainly from people testing the system. Though it's been a couple of months since these Emergency Call Boxes (ECB) were installed, many citizens are still unaware of their function. Its needless to say, there is a need for increased awareness about the purpose of Emergency Boxes in Ahmedabad - the first Indian city to launch such an initiative.

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