AMC increases AMTS and BRTS fares, re-introduces Double-Decker Buses to Ahmedabad

AMC increases AMTS and BRTS fares, re-introduces Double-Decker Buses to Ahmedabad

Latest updates in AMC's public transportation infrastructure from a hike in AMTS and BRTS fares to the upcoming acquisition of double-decker buses.

AMC has decided to increase AMTS and BRTS fares and has revealed its plan to implement double-decker buses in Ahmedabad. To ensure consistency between AMTS and BRTS ticket prices, the AMC has unveiled new rates that will take effect on 1st July.

Additionally, the authorities have disclosed plans to procure 25 double-decker buses and 10 electric vestibule buses, enhancing public transport in Ahmedabad.

BRTS and AMTS fare hikes and unification

To bring uniformity between the Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service (AMTS) and Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS), AMC has decided to revise the ticket prices for both services, starting from July 1. This strategic move aims to streamline routes and eventually make AMTS and BRTS tickets interchangeable. The previous pricing structure, stagnant since 2014, is no longer viable with rising fuel costs and the growing disparity between the two systems.

Previously, the minimum fare for AMTS and BRTS stood at Rs 3 and Rs 4, respectively. However, the revised fare will now be Rs 5. Moreover, the new fare structure will eliminate discrepancies in pricing for the same distance traveled, establishing a more equitable system for commuters.

Ticket prices are expected to range between Rs 5 and Rs 30, depending on the distance covered.

AMC’s plan to procure double-decker buses

Recognizing the crucial role public transport plays in the lives of Amdavadis, the AMC is committed to expanding the fleet of buses and improving service frequency. Plans are underway to procure 25 state-of-the-art double-decker buses, offering not only an enhanced travel experience for residents but also an exciting attraction for tourists. The acquisition of 10 electric vestibule buses will further bolster AMC's drive towards sustainabiliy and eco-friendly transportation solutions.

In addition, the AMC has also announced its intention to purchase 100 air-conditioned buses, elevating the comfort level for passengers and ensuring a more pleasant journey, particularly during the scorching summer months.

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