As the countdown ticks for Chandrayaan-3’s landing, Ahmedabad’s contributions to the mission shines

As the countdown ticks for Chandrayaan-3’s landing, Ahmedabad’s contributions to the mission shines

A moment of immense pride awaits Amdavadis, as the city's space institutions have played a vital role in planning and constructing shuttle components.

The world holds its collective breath, awaiting Chandrayaan-3's historic soft land on the moon's unexplored South Polar region, a terrain that has remained mysterious and unknown due to its rugged topography.

As we anticipate the spacecraft's groundbreaking touchdown, let's not forget that Ahmedabad has played a vital role in this achievement. The city's ingenuity has played a key part in making this mission a reality, highlighting the spirit of human endeavor and curiosity that drives us to uncover the universe's secrets.

Ahmedabad's vital contribution to Chandrayaan-3

Throughout history, humanity has embarked on numerous missions to the moon, but none to the South Polar region. However, this status quo is poised to change with the anticipated landing of Chandrayaan-3 on August 23rd. And it’s a moment of double pride for Amdavadis, as Ahmedabad's involvement has been instrumental in driving this historic mission forward.

Key institutions in Ahmedabad, such as ISRO and PRL, have taken the lead in both the planning and fabrication of integral components of the spacecraft, including the mission's centerpiece— the payload. The lunar module payload, as well as the integration of seven high-resolution cameras aboard the shuttle, were accomplished at ISRO's Ahmedabad facility. Captivating images of Earth from the moon's perspective and detailed lunar surface visuals, recently unveiled by ISRO, owe their existence to these cameras.

The development of the Alpha Particle X-ray Spectrometer was also in Ahmedabad. This tech has been seamlessly integrated into the spacecraft. A cutting-edge instrument, engineered by PRL, it is designed to unravel the elemental composition of lunar soil and rocks surrounding the designated landing site.

The city has also played a critical role in the pre-landing assessment phase. A simulated lunar surface was constructed to rigorously test the landing procedures. Nilesh Desai, the Director at ISRO Ahmedabad, emphasized the paramount importance of ensuring a secure landing by thoroughly evaluating these intricate maneuvers.

After the moon, ISRO, Ahmedabad reaches out to the sun!

Chandrayaan-3 named the "Vikram Lander" after Vikram Sarabhai—an Indian space technology pioneer and a proud Gujarati—travels at a remarkable speed of 1.68 km per second. Notably, this mission's triumph will set the stage for ISRO's next ambitious endeavor: the solar mission.

The institution is now setting its sights on the sun. Ahmedabad is actively engaged in developing the payload for the Aditya L-1 solar mission, scheduled to launch in September. This significant undertaking will mark India's first ever solar mission, a remarkable stride towards unraveling the sun's mysteries.

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