Attention cat lovers: The Championship Cat Show is coming to Ahmedabad on Mar 19

Attention cat lovers: The Championship Cat Show is coming to Ahmedabad on Mar 19

Amdavadis! Get ready for a fun-filled feline affair in your beloved city.

Are you a cat parent? Or do you simply love our paw-some feline friends? Either way, Feline Club of India's Championship Cat Show in Ahmedabad on March 19 is an event any of you cannot afford to miss out on. There's going to be lots in store for cat-parents, so be sure not to miss out on it!

Countless cute felines under one roof

Organized by the Feline Club of India, the Championship Cat Show in Ahmedabad invites cat parents to participate with their pets in a slew of fun competitions, with victorious felines taking home titles such as 'Champion' and 'Grand Champion'. It must be noted that those willing to participate with their cats will have to pre-register.

Fortunately, though, the event is also open for those who don't have a feline pet (owing to reasons like 'mummy allow nahi karti') but would love to watch countless cutest cats on display under one roof, belonging from a wide range of breeds.

Knock Knock

The cat show in Ahmedabad, which promises to be an amazing experience for kids, too, as they get up close and personal with some of the city's most elegant felines, is already seeing cat parents and cat lovers alike making their bookings and registrations. So, Amdavadis! It's time to get as quick as a cat and book your tickets for the show!

Where: Gwalior SBR - The Celebration Hub

Timings: Sunday, March 19, 10:00 AM onwards

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