Badal Sircar’s Juloos: A timeless theatrical masterpiece at Scrapyard Theatre in Ahmedabad

Badal Sircar’s Juloos: A timeless theatrical masterpiece at Scrapyard Theatre in Ahmedabad

The group is set to perform again on September 27 and entry is open and free for all. Register now!

Scrapyard Theatre in Ahmedabad is hosting a performance of Juloos. This iconic play, written by the legendary Badal Sircar and directed by Savan Zalariya, is as relevant today as it ever was. Since its first production in 1974, Juloos has been widely performed in multiple languages due to its powerful themes.

The contemporary rendition offers a compelling experience that challenges mass thinking and leaves you with a sense of hope. The group is performing again on September 27.

Compelling performance and complex themes

In a time when the theatre experience is fading away, witnessing a live play is truly rejuvenating. When we saw the poster for Juloos by Badal Sircar, a pioneer of Indian street play, we knew we had to pay a visit. So, we headed to the the performance venue, Scrapyard Theatre, an intimate open-space venue.

The play began with a scream as six actors, who were seated among the audience, rushed to the stage. This unique characteristic of the Third Theatre remained consistent throughout the play. The story was like a collage of incidents and events, exploring the creation of various processions, their consequences and humanity's quest to rise above them and find its own path.

Actors engage in direct communication with the audience

The play's continuous flow of actions was captivating, with actors dancing, singing, crying, laughing and expressing a range of human emotions. It addressed themes such as oppression, corruption, inequality, power struggles, discrimination and the existential crisis faced by ordinary individuals. Through numerous transitions and events, the play will make you laugh, think, and empathize with the characters.

If you're a theatre enthusiast, this politically and socially-engaged play is a must-see. The performance is happening again on 27 Sept at Scrapyard The Theater Ahmedabad.

Entry: Open and free for all (Registration required)

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Timing: 8:30 PM

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