Bharat Bhai's Surti Samosa: A flavorful tradition in Kalupur

Bharat Bhai's Surti Samosa: A flavorful tradition in Kalupur

Their Chinese, Chocolate, and Cheese samosas have become beloved favorites.

Kalupur, the heart of Old Ahmedabad, is home to a treasure trove of timeless street food stalls. Among them, Bharat Bhai's Surti Samosa shines bright. Started by Bharat Bhai's father four decades ago as a humble stall, this culinary gem now resides in a cozy little shop. If you're strolling through Kalupur, be sure to savor their crispy, spicy, and utterly delicious stuffed samosas.

A journey of taste and experiments

Surti Samosas have perfected this timeless classic over their nearly four-decade journey in the business.

Bharat Bhai, inspired by the spirit of culinary experimentation that Surat is famous for, has taken the art of samosa-making to a whole new level. From the traditional Chana Daal Samosas and Potato-filled Samosas to the delectable Cheese Samosas, intriguing Chinese Samosas, and even the unusual yet tempting Chocolate Samosas, his repertoire is a testament to his innovative culinary spirit. Each of these offerings has found a special place in the hearts of the people of Ahmedabad, who have warmly embraced the variety and novelty that Surti Samosa brings to the table.

But the delights don't end with samosas alone. Surti Samosa also offers delicious Bread Pakodas, adding another layer of flavor to your street food adventure. Additionally, you can satisfy your cravings for traditional Indian snacks with their range of namkeens.

So, the next time you're in Ahmedabad and your taste buds yearn for a flavorful journey, make your way to Surti Samosa.

Timing: 1 PM to 8 PM

Location: Surti Samosa, Relied Road, Nr Hindu Dharamshala, Ahmedabad

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