Bookmark these 5 parks in Ahmedabad for a fun day out

Bookmark these 5 parks in Ahmedabad for a fun day out

Dinosaurs, lakes, rivers, flowers and porcupines, parks in Ahmedabad have it all!

Be it for some relaxation, recreation or a run, Ahmedabad has a range of parks for the city folk to spend a soul-cleansing day surrounded by lush greenery. So, Amdavadis, if you've been wondering where to enjoy the soothing spring sun and breeze with your loved ones, here are 5 must-visit parks in Ahmedabad.

Law Garden

This one is a favorite of Ahmedabad folks and named after the city's Law College. If you're looking for a peaceful and serene day out or want to head for an early morning run, Law Garden in Ahmedabad is the place to go. You can also just sit around in the seating areas here, taking in the lush greenery around.

Parimal Garden

Ahmedabad's Parimal Garden has recently undergone redevelopment with a slew of new features added to it. This park in Ahmedabad now has a separate pet play area and an open unisex gymnasium. From pet parents and fitness freaks to those seeking a leisurely evening walk, this place is suited to everyone.

Vastrapur Lake Garden

Located in the heart of Ahmedabad, Vastrapur Lake Garden attracts picnic-lovers from across the city because of its lustrous greenery and the face that it is situated in the main city center. Apart from the being the perfect picnic spot, it is also great for an early morning run around the beautiful Vastrapur Lake.

Victoria Garden

A must visit for tourists, Ahmedabad's Victoria Garden is a relic of the colonial rule. You will often find peace-lovers from the city sitting on one of the park's benches, finding solace amidst the well-maintained shrubbery, breathing in some clean air. What's more? If you visit during winter, you might also find some majestic migratory birds chirping around.

Indroda Nature Park

At a distance of 26 km from Ahmedabad, the Indroda Nature Park is the perfect getaway for those who also want to witness some wildlife in all its glory. The park has a mini zoo with animals like porcupines, jackals and boars. There's also an Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park for those looking to catch some Jurassic Park vibes!

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