Check out the benefits of voting: What Ahmedabad voters can look forward to on May 7th

Check out the benefits of voting: What Ahmedabad voters can look forward to on May 7th

Check out the rewards Ahmedabad voters will reap tomorrow!

As the third phase of Lok Sabha elections in Gujarat draws near, the state is abuzz with efforts to encourage citizens to exercise their democratic right to vote. With polling scheduled for May 7th across 25 Lok Sabha seats, various initiatives have been introduced to boost voter turnout and ensure widespread participation in the electoral process.

In Ahmedabad, voters stand to gain several benefits simply by showing their inked finger. So, if you're still questioning whether to cast your vote or not, here are some perks to convince you.

Free Bus Rides Courtesy of AMTS

In a commendable move to bolster voter engagement, the Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service (AMTS) has announced free bus rides on polling day, May 7th. Citizens who show a photocopy of their election card, voter information slip, or display the indelible ink mark on their finger after casting their vote will be eligible for this benefit.

This initiative not only aims to make voting more accessible but also underscores the importance of civic participation in shaping the future of the nation.

Discounts on Food and Medicine

To sweeten the deal for voters, the Federation of Gujarat State Chemist and Druggist Association (FGCDA) and the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Gujarat (HRA-Gujarat) have announced to offer enticing discounts on food and medicine purchases.

Individuals flaunting the telltale inked finger will enjoy discounts ranging from 7% to 10% at participating establishments, including pharmacies, cafes, restaurants, and hotels. This initiative not only encourages voter turnout but also fosters a sense of community engagement and solidarity.

Ensuring Paid Leave for Voters

Recognizing the significance of voter participation in upholding democratic values, companies are mandated to grant paid leave to employees on polling day. In the event of any resistance or denial of this right by employers, individuals have the recourse to file complaints via the helpline number 1950.

This measure serves as a safeguard to ensure that every eligible voter has the opportunity to cast their ballot without hindrance, reinforcing the principle of equal access to the electoral process.

Parking Relief for Voters

Adam Cohn

On the day of polling, the Ahmedabad City Police has announced a 'No Towing Day' initiative to alleviate parking woes for voters. Vehicles parked in the vicinity of polling booths will not be towed, with traffic police personnel deployed to assist voters in finding convenient parking spots to prevent congestion.

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