Collective Reflections: 'Hum Sab Sahmat' Exhibition at Arthshila, Ahmedabad

Collective Reflections: 'Hum Sab Sahmat' Exhibition at Arthshila, Ahmedabad

Explore the diverse expressions of dissent and reflections on contemporary India showcased at the 'Hum Sab Sahmat' exhibition in Arthshila, Ahmedabad.

Presenting "Hum Sab Sahmat: Resisting a Nation without Citizens," an exhibition in collaboration with the Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust (SAHMAT) and currently hosted at Arthshila in Ahmedabad.

This captivating exhibit showcases the creative contributions of over 250 artists, writers, journalists, and photographers hailing from diverse corners of India. Through an array of mediums like painting, photography, collage, poetry, manifestos, short fiction, and performance art, these voices converge to weave a potent narrative of resistance. This collective artistic project forms a vivid tapestry that vehemently protests authoritarianism and oppression.

Echoes of Democracy

As India commemorated its 77th year of independence, SAHMAT, an esteemed collective founded in 1989 in Delhi, extends this exhibition to Ahmedabad. "Hum Sab Sahmat: Resisting a Nation without Citizens" earnestly engages in crucial dialogues about politics and society.

This exhibition stands as a reflection of SAHMAT's unwavering democratic principles and prompts collective introspection on our nation's current reality. Despite the Constitution's resolute pledge to uphold equal rights and dignity for all citizens, these values face an ever-mounting challenge. "Hum Sab Sahmat" stands as a testament to the resolve against shaping a nation without the active participation of its citizens.

The exhibition was previously showcased at Jawahar Bhawan, Delhi in honor of India's 75 years of independence. This year, in a similar spirit, it has traveled to Ektara Bhopal, Arthshila Santiniketan, and now finds its home at Arthshila Ahmedabad.

This captivating assembly of art and expression invites us to contemplate India's struggles, conflicts, circumstances, and ideologies, encouraging dialogue and introspection.

Where: Arthshilla, 2G, Opposite Ahmedabad Management Association, Panjara Pol, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad

When: On view till 1st Oct. 11 AM to 7 PM

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