Conflictorium in Ahmedabad: a one-of-a-kind museum intertwining vivifying tales of past disputes

Conflictorium in Ahmedabad: a one-of-a-kind museum intertwining vivifying tales of past disputes

If you are someone who craves thought-provoking and immersive experiences, this place becomes a must-visit spot for you!

Exhibiting a pulse of conflict history within the state and around the nation, the Conflictorium is one such museum that explores dissent - a living and breathing space artistically curated by people who have experienced conflicts firsthand.

Centred in an ancient, crumbling mansion in the bricked city of Ahmedabad, the walls at this place are panelled with dozens of stories beckoning seekers, enthusiasts and tourists alike. The artefacts here are intertwined with vivifying tales are remarkable reminders of the past, which never failed to stir the soul of the visitors.

History of the Conflictorium in Ahmedabad

The two-storeyed mansion, Gool Lodge in itself is a piece of history. Nestled in the Mirzapur area of Ahmedabad the building was once the residence of a wealthy Parsi family which was donated by the last survivor, Ms. Bachuben Nagarwala for supporting the astounding cause.

Today, the ancient structure has been transformed into a centre of narratives, reflecting dissensions, disputes and distress which have prevailed through various times and in turn empowers the expression of social justice.

A place accentuated with fervent tales of disputes and difficulties

Various sections of the Conflictorium including the Gallery of Disputes, the Moral Compass, the Sorry Tree, the Empathy Alley and the Sorry Tree have been artistically curated with interactive installations encouraging the visitors to witness and unearth the fervent tales of difficulties which were faced by the people during the tough times.

Not only this, but the museum also features participatory exhibits, interactive sessions, poetry meetings, artist workshops and movie screenings on regular basis for encouraging the visitors to share their own stories, connect with others, and create a dialogue that transcends boundaries.

So, if you are someone who craves a thought-provoking and immersive experience that challenges your preconceptions and opens your mind to new perspectives, the radical grove of Conflictorium is an ideal place for you to visit in Ahmedabad.

Where: Gool Lodge, Opp RC Technical School, Mirzapur, Ahmedabad

Timings: Tue-Sun, 11 am - 8 pm (closed on Mondays)

Entry Free

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