Culture, and Cuisine: The Mitti Ke Rang Experience in Ahmedabad
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Culture, and Cuisine: The Mitti Ke Rang Experience in Ahmedabad

Celebrating Eco-consciousness, this restaurant crafts a multi-cuisine symphony, each dish a masterpiece displayed on clay vessels.

When Milan Prajapati, a fifth-generation potter from Ahmedabad, aspired to create a restaurant that honored his family's legacy and celebrated the rich artistry of the Kumbhar community, he joined forces with Snehal and Bhadri Suthar of the Grid Architects. Together, they crafted a tranquil and profoundly rooted space titled 'Mitti Ke Rang' that not only showcases the intrinsic beauty of clay and Indian traditional art but also champions eco-friendliness and sustainability.

Weaving tradition and sustainability with clay

Photographix India

Named "Mitti Ke Rang," translating to "Colors of Clay," this restaurant embodies the essence of traditional Indian cuisine. Emphasizing locally sourced materials, especially clay, as the focal point, the architects harnessed the expertise of local artisans and labor to give this vision life. Given Milan Prajapati's budget constraints, the architects proposed that his family contribute their craftsmanship, which they would integrate into the restaurant's design.

The plaster, for instance, was meticulously concocted from a blend of clay, grain husk, dye derived from kesudo flowers, turmeric, and a natural binder. The result is a mesmerizing, wave-like pattern. The use of hay, serving as reinforcement, binds the mixture, preventing cracks. The natural dye extracted from kesudo flowers infuses a charm and extends a warm welcome to patrons.

Discarded wood found new purpose as furniture, while local ceramic tiles adorned the floors. Here, food arrives in exquisite clay vessels, enveloping diners in an embrace of Mother Earth. Even the walls bear the artistry of hand-painted designs using natural dyes.

A wholesome culinary experience

At Mitti Ke Rang, the menu boasts wholesome dishes, dominated by Kathiyawadi delicacies. Standout offerings include "Ringan nu Olo," "Lasaniya Bateta," and "Kadhi Pakoda." Complementing these are breads crafted from bajra and the comforting "Vaghareli Khichdi," where rice and lentils meld with spices and vegetables. And, of course, don't miss the heavenly special lassi.

Mitti Ke Rang is not merely a restaurant; it's an embodiment of tradition, sustainability, and the culinary delights of Ahmedabad's vibrant culture.

Location: Shagun 108, Service Rd, Ahmedabad, Zundal

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