Discover the joy of reading together: Join Ahmedabad Reads, a silent reading community
Ahmedabad Reads

Discover the joy of reading together: Join Ahmedabad Reads, a silent reading community

The community gathers every weekend at Parimal Garden for a quiet morning of collective reading.

We've all had those late-night realizations that we should start reading more, but sometimes procrastination or a lack of motivation gets in the way.

What if we told you about a silent book-reading community in Ahmedabad that gathers every weekend morning at Parimal Garden to spend a peaceful morning reading together?

Sounds like a great time, doesn't it?! Well, Ahmedabad Reads has been making that happen, and you're invited to join!

About the community

Whether you're a solo reader, a book-loving couple looking for a delightful activity together, or a group of friends, you can become part of the Ahmedabad Reads community and spend your weekend mornings at the beautiful Parimal Garden, immersed in your favorite books. This silent reading community encourages both solo readers and those in company to find a spot within the reading community and join the quiet reading session.

Bring a mat or a bedsheet, some snacks to munch on, find a cozy spot, and dive into that book you've been meaning to start for days! They take a break for a group photo and some conversations, providing an opportunity to connect with fellow book enthusiasts and discuss your current reads.

The community typically meets around 7:30 AM and continues reading until 10:30 AM. Feel free to join whenever you like and leave whenever you feel ready. It's a wonderful shared experience to kickstart your Saturday- Sunday with a tranquil and serene reading session.

Find the info regarding their next meets and stay updated through their insta page!

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