Diving into the depths of wonder: Exploring the Aquatic Gallery at Science City, Ahmedabad

Diving into the depths of wonder: Exploring the Aquatic Gallery at Science City, Ahmedabad

Claimed to be the largest public aquarium in the country, this gallery offers an unforgettable experience of the underwater world.

Embark on a journey through the enchanting Aquatic Gallery at Science City in Ahmedabad – India's grandest public aquarium. Since its inauguration, this mesmerizing aquatic haven has captivated the curiosity of visitors, offering an unparalleled spectacle featuring 188 distinct species and an astonishing 11,600 fishes, all harmoniously coexisting beneath a single expansive roof.

At the heart of this aquatic marvel lies a meticulously curated collection of tanks, each dedicated to showcasing diverse aquatic ecosystems from around the globe. The main attraction is a colossal main tank, teeming with an array of sharks, complemented by an extraordinary 28-meter walkway tunnel.

Attractions at the gallery

The gallery offers immersive experiences to witness and learn about aquatic species from across the world. These are the prime attractions that you must explore.

The 28-Meter Underwater Acrylic Tunnel:

Take a stroll along a crystal-clear underwater pathway, stretching an impressive 28 meters across the shark tank. This transparent marvel offers visitors an unprecedented and intimate encounter with the diverse aquatic species and vibrant coral reefs.

The Grand Oceanarium:

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of a large oceanarium, featuring an expansive single acrylic panel that provides unobstructed views into the mesmerizing ocean habitats. This awe-inspiring display allows guests to witness the captivating dance of marine life within a carefully recreated natural setting.

Weird & Wonderful Zone:

Venture into the eccentric realm of the Weird & Wonderful zone, where two touch pools beckon with the allure of starfish, spotted hermit crabs, tropical rock lobsters, and other peculiar marine inhabitants.

Penguin Zone:

The Aquatic Gallery further elevates its charm with a dedicated Penguin Zone, showcasing the delightful presence of Humboldt penguins. Witness these charismatic creatures in an environment carefully designed to mimic their natural habitat, offering a heartwarming and educational experience for visitors of all ages.

Knock Knock!

So, what are you waiting for? The Aquatic Gallery at Science City is calling your name. Get ready for a day of underwater wonders, where every corner has something awesome waiting to be discovered!

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