Embrace Kathak's grace or twirl to Latin rhythms at IIM-Ahmedabad's Chaos 2024

Embrace Kathak's grace or twirl to Latin rhythms at IIM-Ahmedabad's Chaos 2024

So, mark your calendars and get ready to sway.

As the annual cultural festival of IIM Ahmedabad, Chaos 2024, is approaching fast, get ready to spin and groove with them! With dynamic steps and passionate flare guaranteed, experience the heart-pounding rhythms of Latin dance in an electrifying session facilitated by the captivating Jayvir Mehta on January 26.

Or if classical dance is more your thing, take advantage of a special session on January 28, led by the esteemed Jashodaben Patel, to fully immerse yourself in the captivating realm of Kathak.

This festival is your pass to an enchanting fusion of the vibrant energy of Latin America with the rich legacy of Kathak — an event that is sure to take your breath away!

Feel the Latin Rhythm with Jayvir Mehta

Get ready for a thrilling Latin Dance Workshop on January 26, led by the energetic Jayvir Mehta, an experienced dancer and instructor. This workshop is your key to unlocking the energetic vibes, lively moves, and intense passion that characterise the enchanting realm of Latin dance. Allow Jayvir Mehta to lead you through the steps, guaranteeing an experience that will leave you excited for more.

Experience the graceful world of Kathak with Jashodaben Patel

Step into the mesmerising realm of Kathak with an exclusive workshop conducted by the renowned Jashodaben Patel on January 28. Immerse yourself in the graceful movements of this classical dance form, as Jashodaben Patel with her wealth of expertise, takes you on a journey through the heritage of Kathak. This workshop promises to be an enriching and delightful experience for all.

Knock Knock

So, mark your calendars and get ready to sway AND twirl to the rhythm of Chaos 2024 – where the magic of Latin dance and the grace of Kathak await to captivate your senses! Grab the first 40 tickets at a special early bird rate of ₹699. After that, the regular price will be ₹899.

When- January 26, 2024- Latin Dance Workshop

January 28, 2024- Kathak Workshop

Where- Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad

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