Experience the thrill of dining above the city with Sky Dining in Ahmedabad!
Bipin Pandya

Experience the thrill of dining above the city with Sky Dining in Ahmedabad!

Dine at 160 feet up in the sky and soak in panoramic views of Ahmedabad's skyline!

You've explored restaurants with unique themes and ambiance before, but imagine a place where the ambiance is none other than the Ahmedabad skyline and the seating arrangement is 160ft up in the air! Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

If an adrenaline rush is your thing, then Sky Dining in Ahmedabad is a must-try. It offers a thrilling dining experience where you can eat and chill at this hanging restaurant, all while soaking in the breathtaking view of the city.

Dine at 160 feet up in the sky!

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This thrilling experience at Sky Dining allows you to be seated on a platform with a table that can accommodate up to 22 people. It is then elevated with a crane to a height of 160 feet. Once up in the sky, you get an unhindered and open view of the surroundings.

The chairs can be rotated 180 degrees, giving you the freedom to turn and enjoy the view. Take in the skyline and relish an exotic menu featuring Indian, Chinese, and Continental dishes.

Whether it's an enchanting lunch, a sunset meal, or a romantic dinner amidst the stars, Sky Dining offers it all.

And it's completely safe!


  • Lunch

    • ₹3,499.00 + GST ₹3,999.00

    • Timing: 02:00 PM onwards

  • Joy Ride 1

    • ₹1,750.00 + GST ₹2,499.00

    • Timing: 04:00 PM onwards

  • Joy Ride 2

    • ₹1,750.00 + GST ₹2,499.00

    • Timing: 05:00 PM onwards

  • Sunset Mocktail

    • ₹2,499.00 + GST ₹2,999.00

    • Timing: 06:00 PM onwards

  • Dinner 1

    • ₹3,499.00 + GST ₹3,999.00

    • Timing: 08:30 PM onwards

  • Dinner 2

    • ₹3,499.00 + GST ₹3,999.00

    • Timing: 10:00 PM onwards

    Do check out their website to know more!

Address: Ognaj Circle, S. P. Ring Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 380060

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