Explore the charm of Ahmedabad's British-era Victoria Garden near Riverfront

Explore the charm of Ahmedabad's British-era Victoria Garden near Riverfront

Renamed Lokmanya Tilak Garden, this picturesque green haven is located in close proximity to Ellis Bridge.

When you find yourself at the Riverfront near Ellis Bridge, make sure to enjoy a tranquil stroll through the colonial era Victoria Garden, now named the Lokmanya Tilak Garden.

Constructed over 200 years ago by the British, this enchanting space offers an ideal setting for moments of serenity. Encompassing an expansive 23,000 square meters, adorned with a lush green tree canopy, water bodies, and statues, it is truly worth a visit.

Rooted in history: From Victoria to Lokmanya Tilak Garden

In 1897 a few citizens came together to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. Their endeavor led to the transformation of a jail garden yard into the splendid Victoria Diamond Jubilee Garden.

Fast forward to January 7, 1910, a momentous occasion unfolded as the veil was lifted from a marble statue of Queen Victoria, a masterpiece crafted by the renowned artist H G Mhatre. This statue, currently housed at the Sanskar Kendra Museum, stands as an enduring symbol of the garden's historical significance.

Restoration: Balancing tradition and modernity

The UNM Foundation collaborated with The Park's People and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to restore Lokmanya Tilak Garden. The restoration, part of the Pratiti project, aimed to preserve the garden's traditional layout while infusing it with contemporary amenities befitting Ahmedabad's UNESCO World Heritage City status.

The rejuvenation project encompassed the revival of water bodies, retention of century-old trees, and the addition of new green spaces, including a maze garden and an expanded main lawn. Modern facilities such as a disabled-friendly play zone for children, an enclosed volleyball court, and a city plaza for relaxation were seamlessly integrated into the park's design.

Nature and leisure

Lokmanya Tilak Garden now stands as a testament to the coexistence of nature and leisure. The park's landscape, meticulously designed, provides a serene escape for visitors of all ages.

The inclusion of walkways and a maze garden enhances the pleasure of strolling through the green expanse, inviting the community to embrace an active lifestyle.

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